Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

My KET's classes are mayhem

Started by ravenlock

MOVED: Teaching Practicum

Started by taeyang

Applying to schools

Started by wovaki

How many watts does it take to heat a classroom?

Started by Blast Hardcheese

School not honoring contract - what can I do?

Started by hi54u

Working for an After School company. What's your salary?

Started by donuts81

Getting a little antsy about renewal

Started by theory_

Irish teachers/Teachers here over 2 years - Document saying you lived in Ireland

Started by k00108666

Being let go due to financial difficulties

Started by katesch


Started by annlim21

Visa help

Started by lifeisrigged

Advice, commiserations?

Started by teacher in distress

Entrance Allowance Non-Pay Back Consequences?

Started by Sanchez1984

This is crazy, right?

Started by alainbut

EPIK interview timeframe & other questions

Started by BTeacher

Pension for Dual Citizens (Korean-Americans)

Started by bigwavedave

leave for marriage

Started by smun50

Taking a detour on the way home (GEPIK)

Started by Engrish

Co-teacher says he wants to teach alone

Started by Redondo

TESOL/CELTA Certification

Started by wovaki

EPIK Pay Scale

Started by nzer-in-gyeongnam

Open Classes

Started by williethewimp

Getting Lump~Sum Pension and coming back(more info inside)

Started by madagoldman

What's this Pledge about?

Started by morgainenyl

EPIK exit allowance - visa extension

Started by Maureen

Feeling guilty for moment of weakness

Started by Periwinkle

Guilty GET

Started by nebulasprout

GEPIK teachers: is it okay to take your leave at the very end of your contract?

Started by fourthchild

Exit allowance and transfering POE/MOE

Started by Redondo

MOVED: Why will no one sit next to me on the crowded bus?

Started by taeyang


Started by mikitadaita

Advice for noob

Started by markesl

EPIK interview time

Started by Embarr

What happens to the visa when I renew my passport??

Started by hulme187

Ulsan Public Schools HIV tests or elsewhere

Started by munchkin

winter camp on the weekend?

Started by bird212

Position being eliminated

Started by Periwinkle

Am I a terrible teacher, or...

Started by morgainenyl

McMillan vs. MFL

Started by buckinghamgreen

My school wants to fire me and they have no reasonable grounds

Started by fgm


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