Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Gyeonbuk-Do Office of Education changes

Started by theory_

Friend in a bad hagwon situation--What to do?

Started by mikyu416

Getting cut, getting your money and affairs in order

Started by Traveling T.O.

Mandatory cancer screening

Started by Nokcha


Started by bladtheinhaler

EPIK Interview Next Week, Any Curve Balls?

Started by jaysoon17

My draft letter to Teaching Director - advice wanted

Started by consentient

Time off over Christmas

Started by missstaceyj

Breaking EPIK Contract

Started by dailj2

Letter of Release

Started by yeahno

Can you apply to GEPIK with more than 1 recruiter?

Started by johndoe1234

Contract review - not pension and tax info.

Started by LogoNano

When looking for references from public school

Started by tunacookie

If you are a gyopo, do you have no problem finding a job teaching English?

Started by LeapOver

My hagwon job once I go from E2 to F6

Started by jebckr

Breaking a hagwon contract as an A3 Visa/SOFA Stamp holder?

Started by coffeemango

Recruiter Issue?

Started by gxlee002

Going to Korea without a job

Started by erincass

EPIK couple housing

Started by beach_bum


Started by rgbon

If you are a gyopo do you need to have the F4 Visa ready when applying from US?

Started by LeapOver

No Online Immigration Reservations this year???

Started by shellyryan

FBI CBC at State or Federal Level?

Started by laurynchong

End of contract. D-10 or "visa extension".

Started by Horus

EPIK Application Opening for Spring 2014?

Started by livelife2day

FBI CBC received but it states "for personal review" at the end

Started by qxsnoexp

had the weirdest interview ever....would you take a job like this?

Started by dragoneyes

Misspelled middle name on diploma, will it matter?

Started by Lparsons7641

Quitting early - school keeping housing deposit for extra moving fees?

Started by sauronic

Choosing between hagwons, your two cents please!

Started by ohellaniyo

Exit Allowance 2018

Started by whowouldvethought?

Quitting a hagwon and applying to EPIK...?

Started by minji94

Apostille processing time

Started by laurynchong

Public school in Incheon Vs. Pyeongtaek?

Started by orozcom

New public school after school program?

Started by dandred

Finding New Housing Stress

Started by Embarr

Housing contract- advice needed please!!

Started by Lc6011

How can I file a complaint against someone in the education office?

Started by rstoker

Was your recruiter busted for illegal recruiting?

Started by 2twiceasnice

School refusing to give a stamp/seal for a Letter of Recommendation... Unusual?

Started by buddy_eh


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