Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Is it possible to do Active Reserves?

Started by queball

Is it possible to get a teaching job in Korea without a four year degree?

Started by amgoalng

Is it possible to get into JLP without a recruiter?

Started by ESLinsider

Is it possible to get married without your school knowing? (E-2 to F-2 visa)

Started by sauronic

Is it possible to get my exit allowance?

Started by cmodea

Is it possible to get your recent E-2 medical check up back?

Started by tryingtogettokorea

Is it possible to leave a job, leave the country and get a whole new E2 visa?

Started by twak24

Is it possible to lose severance pay benefits?

Started by radicalspirit

Is it possible to quit doing after-school / extra class?

Started by happyBuddha

Is it possible to quit one your schools?

Started by hankk

Is it possible to work very short term in Korea?

Started by grgrgr20

Is it quittin early???? what will happen????

Started by ppolicherla91

Is it really that hard?

Started by Bamtori

Is it risky to work at a newly opened hagwon?

Started by shabbiz98

Is it rude to decline?

Started by BearNana

Is it too early for August?

Started by sojuadventurer

Is it too early to be looking for jobs in late April/May?

Started by whitemapleleaf

Is it too late to apply for GEPIK/SMOE right now?

Started by LeapOver

Is it true that public schools NEVER give letter of release?

Started by arhernandez

Is it worth doing a masters degree to get a non-teaching job?

Started by eummae

is it worth talking to my coteacher?

Started by WinterSprings

Is Korea No Longer Paying for Flights Home?

Started by tbarrows

Is lunch counted as a break?

Started by Sara

Is marking assignments part of our job (EPIK)?

Started by Canonite

Is May 9th (presidential election day) a red day?

Started by pineapplegum

Is my coteacher being unreasonable?

Started by minmei

Is my criminal background check still valid?

Started by L I

Is my pay too low?

Started by miraeshi1

Is my tax exemption gonna come back to bite me?

Started by Shauno

Is not paying pension legal?


Is songtan Gepik or Epik?


Is teaching an open class considered part of the 22 hours?

Started by baboo74

Is Teaching ASS Backwards in South Korea?

Started by KevinfromSeattle

Is TESL certificate required?

Started by reginap

Is the chance of getting a public school job slim?

Started by LeapOver

Is the Gepik "exit allowance" taxed?

Started by Toshiba

Is the GEPIK exit allowance pro-rated?

Started by cherylinthesky

Is the job market bad right now? Or just me?

Started by alanO

Is the Korean Cultural Excursion legit?

Started by alyssa.callahan

Is the recruiter lying to me?

Started by Jeter2


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