Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

How to give official notice of nonrenewal

Started by swissmiss

How to handle a principal who hates you....

Started by youlovetonyt

How to increase my energy level at school?

Started by echo

How to interpret this termination clause?

Started by LaChaca

How to know I am qualified to teach in Korea

Started by Redondo

How to make a prize/reward system with the school has no budget

Started by Piggydee

How to make the employer or recruiter squeel.

Started by weigookin74

How to plan a camp when high school students only care about grades?

Started by nonplayablecharacter

How to Politely Decline Extra Work???

Started by JL5205

How to Quit?

Started by secretagent

How to resign

Started by ppolicherla91

How to Say "I am not ready" in Korean

Started by toddsqui

how to start up private lessons...need advice.

Started by dragoneyes

how to talk to my school about a new apartment, need advice please!

Started by tealstardust

How to transfer to University?

Started by Liamlikeatree

How to Use Paternity Leave on a GEPIK Contract?

Started by jaysoon17

how usual are 'variable' wages?

Started by stewacide

How viable is it to find a hagwon job in Busan after the spring start date?

Started by Sikot

How was your first day?

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

How was your hagwon experience? [Poll]

Started by ESLinsider

How well do you get along with your co-workers?

Started by mel647

How will the President change ESL.

Started by bowmansbrain

How would you handle this situation?

Started by LaChaca

Huge problem!!!! School is demanding that I make a decision about renewing NOW!

Started by Epistemology

Human Rights Abuse and the E2 Visa System

Started by fdny

Hwaseong City Hall teachers...

Started by tastytom

Hypothyroidism: Will I be disqualified?

Started by WoodsA15

I am Clueless

Started by Jefferson2002

I am so sick and tired of hearing about the former foreign teacher...

Started by alonzo9772

I apparently need 근로소득원천징수 for an E2 transfer

Started by aldrion

I believe my school is try to pay my severance early.

Started by Tyedude

I cried at work.

Started by nonplayablecharacter

I Despise the School Bell

Started by rocketeerjoe

I do nothing

Started by Edelweiss

I don't care anymore

Started by mrjinglescf

I don't know how contract renewals work...

Started by bcourser

I don't know if i'm gonna make it

Started by starwarsbarista

I fear my CT may have pulled a runner.

Started by Yu_Bumsuk

I gave 60days notice, the school says 30?

Started by gssunsengnim

I got my letter of rec translated from Kor to Eng and it looks funky :(

Started by misslinda88


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