Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Advice on being asked to leave early please!

Started by karoo_guy

Visa advice.Handing in my notice next week....leaving before my contract is up.

Started by karoo_guy

Employment options for non-native English speakers

Started by karoo_guy

Confirmation over contract wording please!

Started by karoo_guy

Used CBC channeler - mistake?

Started by karpatia

Overtime pay? Am I entitled to it?

Started by Kasiabeth

No Letter of Release means I'm screwed?

Started by Kasiabeth

How do you pass the time near the end of the day?

Started by katana028

Renewal bonus from the DMOE (Deagu)

Started by katana028

Anyone else must write an essay to get their Vacation (EPIK).

Started by katana028

dropping a pay grade

Started by kate.d

too many teaching hours?

Started by kate.d

Teaching without a degree

Started by kate86

Being let go due to financial difficulties

Started by katesch

Teaching alone - Winter vacation

Started by Katherine84

NEIS Password

Started by katherinestrickler17

Visa sponsorships with part-time jobs

Started by KathleenSeasick

Delayed salary payment

Started by katied1589

Tell me your co-teaching woes

Started by katiedid536

Elementary school Vs Middle school

Started by Katiegs

Co-teacher's Open Class

Started by katielane18

Job Insurance?

Started by katielane18

Can an employer take back money if you quit just after payday?

Started by katieskorea

How did you get to teaching at a university?

Started by katngu15

Is there such a thing is TEFL/TESL being "too old"?

Started by katngu15

Looking to move from public to hagwon - thoughts?

Started by katsy3g4

initial interview

Started by kay

Switching from a E-2 to D-10 without a LOR

Started by kaya641

Crying in front of hagwon boss

Started by kaya641

E2 Visa Transfer Waiting Time

Started by kaya641

Do you have to do medical exam every year, even if renew same school?

Started by kayakee

Revoking Resignation

Started by kayd03

EPIK app unsuccessful/declined

Started by Kayleekind

GEPIK Teacher's Workshop This Thursday and Friday

Started by kayleighapples

tough time in korea

Started by kayli_blue

Passive Agressive Coteachers?

Started by kayli_blue

Taking time off during a school week.

Started by Kayos

EPIK Webcam Interview help please?

Started by kayun

Last few weeks of contract are vacation days. So, can I go home?

Started by kchan91

Recruiting Company stole commission from my recruiter. Now she wants my help...

Started by kchan91


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