Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

After the EPIK Interview Is It a Done Deal?

Started by snoring1234

After the TaLK program

Started by take_it

After-school jobs and...vacation.

Started by Toshiba

After-school jobs? I could use some advice.

Started by AbsolutAlex

After-school Reading Program

Started by

Afterschool class

Started by max2323

Afterschool classes

Started by Imogen1991

Afterschool jobs anyone?

Started by pineapplegum

Afterschool Severance Pay: Independent Contractor v Employee - Flawless Victory

Started by socialjeebus

Afterschool Teaching Question...

Started by lisay06

Age limit for EFL teachers

Started by syd wegoda

Age limit for teaching in Korea?

Started by kalashnikov

Age limits for applying for jobs

Started by Kolao

Age relative to coteacher

Started by ooitssticky

Aide teacher

Started by money55


Started by jmeyer8480

Airfare money ju sey yo?

Started by waterfall12

Airfare quandary.

Started by Jugazza

airfare reimbursement

Started by jasminh78

Airfare reimbursement upfront? Or upon completion of contract?

Started by keeleen

Airfare to Korea (Hagwon not EPIK/GEPIK)

Started by LaChaca

Akward situation

Started by xorbak

Akward trips

Started by ch1can3

Alien Card Expiry

Started by jehall

Alien Registration Card (ARC)

Started by yahs1321

All EPIK, (Daegu?) teachers; 15 lesson plans by September 2nd. [DAEGU]

Started by helppp

all female staff at a hagwon

Started by LaChaca

All Native English Teachers Must Do Three Weeks Of Summer Camp

Started by bobshoh

ALL teachers to resubmit TWO CRCs by January 25. New regulations:

Started by strawberry

Already? on a monday?

Started by iamrhart

altering a contract?

Started by norbert

Alternative job titles for english teachers.

Started by jjalan87

Alternative jobs for English speakers?

Started by Danny Pro

Am I a terrible teacher, or...

Started by morgainenyl

Am I absolutely required to do a Summer Camp?

Started by willowbot

Am I being forced to work another year? Indentured servant?

Started by obwannabe

Am I being paid a descent amount?

Started by fbifbi625

Am I Being Robbed?

Started by BigHaDaddy

Am I being rude or confrontational?

Started by sapphirewind

Am I being unrealistic?

Started by SuperDoodle23


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