Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 


Started by Chinguetti

Arriving early but still want to collect entrance allowance

Started by sass

I don't know how contract renewals work...

Started by bcourser

Accepted an employment offer. Can I change my mind and decline?

Started by allsmiles38793

If you are a gyopo do you need to have the F4 Visa ready when applying from US?

Started by LeapOver

Different types of VISA - please respond

Started by Rosie_Swimmer

What is the competition like?

Started by LeapOver

Is it harder to get a job as a gyopo?

Started by LeapOver

How long after signing your contract did you fly to Korea?

Started by jmekeller

Conflicting instructins from the Pension office... Help!

Started by Stereotypical_Canadian

Asked for intentions for the next school year ~

Started by wolve

Hiring a Korean Homeschool Teacher

Started by MrCraig

Urgently need feedback: Gyeongnam POE job issue

Started by roamincatholic

Advice on getting a hagwon job directly (in person in Korea)?

Started by circonflexe

Gyeongnam POE schools: Jobs cut?

Started by Brennand

What is a reasonable amount of hours to teach per week?

Started by circonflexe

Speed up apostille

Started by allsmiles38793

MOVED: Elite Educational Grou? (Mokdong)p

Started by taeyang

English solicitor; career change to ESL a good idea?

Started by mp1984

Unable to Submit Application to Labor Board...

Started by asa47

Breaking a contract (f6 visa)

Started by ashripp

CRC Question

Started by KMcCrae

Setting up Hogwan in house F-6 visa

Started by fishead

Pension Problems and what to expect/do

Started by iamrhart

VP trying to overrule the Principal...

Started by bdfjwk

National Holidays during school suggested vacation time.

Started by Jet0716


Started by cat-herder

Advertising English in exchange for Korean lessons - Visa violation?

Started by gflips

Cover Letter for Visa

Started by 29526forever

Job description says $40 per day but says $700 per month instead of $800?

Started by LeapOver

What is a fair hourly rate to charge for tutoring?

Started by marshmellow man

English industry is tough these days

Started by basic69isokay

Taxes, so what do i want to pay now?

Started by Jet0716

If you don't have criminal record and apostilled degree yet

Started by LeapOver

Going to Korea without a job

Started by erincass

If you are a gyopo, how far back do you need a proof of having lived in US etc

Started by LeapOver

One-Way Airfare New Trend?

Started by Littlefury

New Requirement for visa renewal: Tax Certificate?

Started by GoCyclones

If you are a gyopo, do you have no problem finding a job teaching English?

Started by LeapOver

Quick queries regarding SMOE contract

Started by Rosie_Swimmer


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