Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Great news! The Housing Allowance is not included in your severance

Started by donuts81

Great work opportunity, but my contract is not up. What to do???

Started by Mountiandrue

Guerrilla Job Hunting

Started by ande8057

Guilty GET

Started by nebulasprout

Gunpo City Camp?

Started by Menlyn

Gunpo City English Camp...I have to pay for?

Started by hiyase269


Started by Dafinder

GUNPO CITY WINTER CAMP - Where is the meeting point?

Started by Hongsam

Guri/Namyangju pension office

Started by denimdaze

Gwacheon Girls' High School/ Songho High Ansan

Started by Mr.TDE

Gwangju Donglim EIE - contract issues

Started by brittany.baker514

Gyeonbuk-Do Office of Education changes

Started by theory_

Gyeongbuk POE Requiring EPIK Teachers to Work Full 22 Hours?

Started by jtran413

Gyeonggi City funded position: Is there still a GEPIK coordinator?

Started by travelinpantsgirl

Gyeonggi foreign teacher seminar

Started by Cyanea

Gyeonggi Microsoft Office: Coteacher with survey about reinstalling

Started by samgakji

Gyeonggi-do advanced teachers course- Anseong June 3rd- 5th

Started by Enders

Gyeonggi-do cuts coming up?

Started by cosmogony

Gyeonggi-do MOE

Started by fastforward

Gyeonggi-do teachers to work without co-teachers soon??

Started by viennica

Gyeonggido Public School Time Changes

Started by climber

Gyeongnam POE schools: Jobs cut?

Started by Brennand

Gyeongnam Province NET coordinator contact

Started by echo

Gyeongsangnam-do GET Workshop 2016

Started by Zealot_Hill

Gyeongsangnamdo 200000 won bonus

Started by nathanpollard

H.S. co-teachers not coming to class

Started by O.M.C.M.B.

H1 Work holiday visa

Started by kokomocho

had drinks at dinner with the VP....Operation Brownoser in Effect lol

Started by travis1983

had the weirdest interview ever....would you take a job like this?

Started by dragoneyes

Had to leave job, can't get out of apartment contract, wages withheld

Started by pyramid23

Hagwan does not offer pension - question

Started by barbbui

Hagwan Tax Question

Started by Silvercoin

Hagwon (Private Institute) Abuse and Switching Schools

Started by karmicbutthole

Hagwon -> Public. Visa run? Or change of workplace?

Started by strawberry

Hagwon 2 Year Contracts

Started by kiagia

Hagwon 6 month contract, school trying to terminate 3 weeks early.

Started by smithdoi

Hagwon asking for detailed medical note...

Started by seoulopathy

Hagwon boss too busy to pay on time

Started by peach26

hagwon circling the drain

Started by norbert


Started by kristaaah


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