Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Getting Something Published?

Started by Embarr

Getting taxed different amounts each month???

Started by kimchi4me

Getting the best kind of reference letter

Started by Rww

Getting the Cold Shoulder from Recruiters

Started by Jaunter

Getting the Pension

Started by Joshteacher

Getting time off for a funeral

Started by robin_teacher

Getting time off for best friends wedding?

Started by eerieder

Getting time off outside of official vacation time

Started by WorldTraveler

Getting Tuberculosis and Then Getting Fired

Started by arealpanda

Getting Unemployment Insurance in Korea

Started by fishead

Getting Visas to India from Korea

Started by moonhaus

Getting Your 1.5m Exit Allowance and Coming Back to Korea 11 Days Later

Started by jaysoon17

Getting your FBI check or copy back from Immigration?

Started by The Internationalist

Getting Your Original Police Check Back.

Started by khopewell

Geumjeong KJC in Busan

Started by DashGlobal

Gift for substitute teachers?

Started by naturegirl321

Gift for vice principal and principal??

Started by jamaal832004

Gift Giving When Leaving a School

Started by bjinglee

Gift ideas for co-teacher and principal

Started by eatyoveggies

Gifts for co-teachers, principals, co-workers, etc. [MEGA THREAD]

Started by jiheaxp

Gifts from home

Started by Proctor


Started by yeahno

give back the ARC or not

Started by barbbui

Given just 6 days to leave, is that legal?

Started by modernseoul

Giving 1 month notice - procedure?

Started by Briguyman

Giving notice

Started by Gunpo_Erin

Giving Notice - possible mid-month?

Started by korea20122012

Giving notice after 2 months

Started by MonsoonPepper

Giving Notice at my Hagwon

Started by susbauer

Giving Notice of Termination: 1 month?

Started by Savant


Started by SKotyluk


Started by e1tr

Go to Seoul

Started by thejesusman

GOE severance pay

Started by jmeyer8480

GOE w/Korvia

Started by troyniss

Going back home midway through the year - Taxes for the year 2012

Started by Jumpman Jr.

Going back to Korea: visa and immigration questions.

Started by aalexandromoreno

Going back to work for SMOE again?

Started by Trina

Going for round 2? (2nd year in Korea)

Started by stamerjam

Going from E2 to D10. Difficult getting health insurance coverage?

Started by donnal


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