Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Contract renewal/paid leave/vacation time

Started by Hasnoname

EPIK and University

Started by hatless

Sup, looking into teaching in Korea (Korvia/EPIK curiosity)

Started by hawkiko

A question about

Started by hawtdawg

Another CBC for transfer or renewal?

Started by hchong1

New CBC for transfer from GEPIK to EPIK?

Started by hchong1

Winter Camp Hours and Overtime

Started by hchong1

Separate Pension Bank Account?

Started by hchong1

Does your co-teacher count all your after school hours even under 22 hours?

Started by hchong1

Do I have to have a bank account to get paid by my PS?

Started by hchong1

Separate health check for MOE?

Started by hdzdp

Urgent! Please help. Entering Korea without an e2, employer says I will get it i

Started by hdzdp

Do you need to get a new CRC apostille and Degree apostille after your contract?

Started by headteacher

Severance, flight, pension

Started by Hearts

Breaking My Contract...Help!!

Started by Hearts

EPIK transfer

Started by heatherhmtang

EPIK Teacher: Transfer

Started by heatherhmtang

EPIK moving to a new school: advice?

Started by heatherhmtang

Wage Earner Income Statement

Started by HeeVok

satisfied with your job?

Started by hehehe09

Currently freaking out :(

Started by heidibosshard

E-2 Health Check with Depression

Started by heidibosshard

FAST RCMP Record Check from Korea: Reliability Screening Solutions???

Started by helenteacher

Problems with dual citizenship

Started by Heli12

Public school with NO airfare?

Started by hellobluemonday

Hagwon Owner assaults Foreign teacher

Started by hellogoodbye2

No help from co-teachers

Started by hellokitty

Pressure to wear makeup to school?

Started by hellokittykorea

Leaving early, giving proper 2 months notice. How long can I stay in Korea?

Started by hellokoko

GEPIK contract, holidays, cancelled class, working hours, overtime paid

Started by hellomykimchi

Rehire process for IMOE/EPIK?

Started by helloteacher

Unpaid school saturday trip, (13 hours).

Started by helppp

Breaking a public school contract repercussions

Started by helppp

All EPIK, (Daegu?) teachers; 15 lesson plans by September 2nd. [DAEGU]

Started by helppp

EPIK deadline

Started by Here2day

When to get the D10?

Started by Here2day

Reapplying from Korea

Started by Here2day

Where to get apostilled in Korea.

Started by Here2day

Question about Letter of Release.

Started by Here2day

Long stay visa question

Started by Here2day


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