Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Epik teachers forbidden from owning pets.

Started by Maclean

EPIK teachers how stressful is your job

Started by darnell239

EPIK teachers only sick on Mondays and Fridays

Started by BlackBird2

Epik teachers that started in August... Contract renewal

Started by brad2205

EPIK teaching resume

Started by tmeinecke

EPIK to Hagwon

Started by dailj2

EPIK to Hagwon required documents

Started by crossthebreeze

EPIK to Hagwon-Do I need a LOR?

Started by DNR0311

Epik to Hagwon?

Started by TFC

EPIK to Seoul / SMOE question

Started by globetrotter.2011

EPIK training in Seoul 21-26 September

Started by DevilMogun

EPIK Training in Seoul 21st to 26th September 2011

Started by DevilMogun

epik training?

Started by travis1983

EPIK transfer

Started by heatherhmtang

EPIK Transfer Reasons

Started by berin-gangwon

epik transferring schools in the new semester/half way through contract?

Started by beccaraella

EPIK two schools, does each get me 11 hours?

Started by afunk

EPIK upping requirements for 2016 contracts

Started by yfb

EPIK vacation by province?

Started by smiles1479

EPIK Vacation question

Started by alljokingaside

EPIK visa

Started by Jayne

EPIK wants to know how fat you are!

Started by yfb

EPIK Webcam Interview help please?

Started by kayun

EPIK winter vacation query - Outside of Korea more than 21 days?

Started by O

Epik work experience and contract issue

Started by oreo

Epik- do we not get paid for going to the banK?

Started by pjhow2000

EPIK- How was your second year?

Started by aschil6

EPIK- Is it more difficult to get renewed when you will go up a pay level?

Started by grezbob

EPIK- Lunchtime Question- Can my school do this?

Started by ToulouseLautrec

EPIK-SMOE did everyone pay a housing deposit?

Started by timmahh

EPIK/GEPIK Elegibility

Started by momo_the_mighty

EPIK/GEPIK/SMOE/ Other Training Organizers

Started by umbrellaofdoom

EPIK/School Employer Reference

Started by JL5205

EPIK: Apply direct or through a recruiter?

Started by erudite

EPIK: Breaking Contract

Started by berin-gangwon

EPIK: Daejeon Training Session at the end of March.

Started by dostoevsky_21_81

EPIK: Flying into Korea a week early

Started by jer3

EPIK: Forced choice: summer camp OR weekend camps 1per month

Started by 0mnslnd

EPIK: How hard is it to not get offered renewal after first year?

Started by ithinkinailedit

EPIK: Is my co-teacher my boss?

Started by Jimmer


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