Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

What a "GOOD" hagwon contract look like?

Started by baphomet

Employer not paying pension

Started by maggie.a.wing

astronomical tax amount - 5 304 000 won

Started by yippeekayay

MOVED: Contract- start date in May.

Started by taeyang

Renewal bonus from the DMOE (Deagu)

Started by katana028

GEPIK 2015 Coordinator

Started by Mokona

Do you need to visit a pension office even if you want to use the airport method

Started by KirbyOwnz

Your boss finds out if you use your national health insurance?

Started by Haibrok

Large numbers of beginner level students

Started by solveit


Started by coreenab101

DMOE 60% reduction in positions available

Started by prabjeet

Anyone else missing money from your paycheck?

Started by teacher2004

A knotty situation, some help would be greatly appreciated

Started by bakerboy

GEPIK funding for my school

Started by Mokona

Dual citizenship/Visa Issues Help Please

Started by snoring1234

Want to collect that sweet exit allowance, but have a Q

Started by MattAwesome

Independence Movement Day (March 1st)

Started by bsweet


Started by SKhero

Stolen pension/severance

Started by rok5169

Hogwan to EPIK: Non-compete clause

Started by wjfitzy

LOR Refused, ended contact early. Visa run advice.

Started by ajg2012

Was working illegally, now I'm legal. Can I still be screwed over?

Started by imnotillegal

Article 11 entrance/exit allowance

Started by rorio82

Adolescent English Education enough for a university?

Started by koreanstar

End of contract. D-10 or "visa extension".

Started by Horus

Can Afterschool teaching at a Public school count as experience for Unis?

Started by saram_

Question Regarding Military Service- Naturalized US Citizen

Started by UNCGyopo

Fall 2015 Intake

Started by snoring1234

Qualified primary school teacher looking for work in primary schools in Korea

Started by kimchiyum

Rant about anti-foreign nutjob coworker...

Started by cjszk

Are you going to a Uiwang elementary school? Contact me.

Started by travelinpantsgirl

When does the national insurance expire?

Started by Ley_Druid

Letter of Release from Education Office

Started by Sikot

Ever had a drink before a job interview?

Started by Toshiba

Transferring E2 Visa to a Different Passport (I have two nationalities)

Started by superseiya89

Using WOORI card to withdraw in U.S. and/or Japan

Started by mr_spivak

Letter of Release: Refusal by Employer

Started by plet9090

How many of you didn't do a TEFL course?

Started by Traveler90

EPIK Announces Policy Changes for Public Schools

Started by The 13th Earl

New Semester - Goodbye sh*t CT

Started by ohitsgary


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