Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Entering Korea Without A Work Visa - Japan Visa Run

Started by tommypatt

How to check your pension

Started by pilferstarfish

Public to Hagwon after contract finishes - Visa questions!

Started by asísevive

SMOE's 9 Part Addendum

Started by SKhero

Apostiled Documents for US Citizens (Still in Korea)

Started by valpomeguc

Do I have a chance with the labor board?

Started by kaizennus

LOR problem, advice please.

Started by Dochas

3rd grade Middle School Gifts (320 kids)

Started by TygerBeat11

Leaving EPIK for a hogwan?

Started by BradyQ


Started by Technique

Busan MOE / Contract Extensions

Started by radicalspirit

MOVED: Ever worked at Sahmyook? Contract review

Started by taeyang

how usual are 'variable' wages?

Started by stewacide

UK/English Tax Q&A

Started by cridgey

Quitting on an F6. Can't decide whether to give notice or not.

Started by the mighty sergio

Naver message boards

Started by Pattinsons

Fired in first week of training!

Started by jpaul0983

English teacher who can't speak English

Started by ohitsgary

Applying for DBS (UK CRB) check from Korea: Proof of address

Started by LockStock

Nice things your school has done

Started by tamjen

How serious is getting a written warning?

Started by matador

How to become certified to teach at International School (or something similar)

Started by kmartinkc

Are you waiting for your contract still? time running out? Me too...but why?

Started by janet1992

How to better interact/converse in the cafeteria during lunch break?

Started by Whatsername888

MOVED: Jes Island Mokdong

Started by taeyang

Korean boss: is this normal?

Started by TDK120

Teachers meet/make noise in my classroom while I try to teach.

Started by CliffK

5/6 graders cursing or mumbling under their breath.

Started by Piggydee

How much would it take for you to turn in a foreigner doing privates.

Started by Menlyn

Apostilled Diplomas Rejected from EPIK

Started by CliffK

Visa run to Japan

Started by PhishFood


Started by taeyang

MOVED: Internet contract issue under Korean co teachers name

Started by taeyang

Help! Changing Hagwons and getting a letter of release.

Started by DragonSheep

Help with grade 1 Elementary class

Started by Timo

TALK vs EPIK help

Started by ab2rown

Correct way to resign?

Started by pony

Leaving after a week, before ARC and bank account and school disapproval

Started by bhc87

Notice Period

Started by pony

Background check is over 6 months

Started by spivey378


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