Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Employer not Paying Employee Taxes - Solution?

Started by jimmysugarvi

Employer not paying pension

Started by maggie.a.wing

Employer refusing to honor return airfare. Anything I can do?

Started by jimmysugarvi

Employer saying I can't get severance if I leave on my contracted date

Started by shamash

Employer trying to change pay date

Started by obwannabe

Employer trying to get me as an IC???

Started by samwh

Employer wants me to work outside contracted hours - help!

Started by rkh1234

Employment Assistance

Started by Nominstar86

Employment options for non-native English speakers

Started by karoo_guy

Encountering problems at my public school but I won't quit

Started by averyfinechatter

end of contract

Started by rlwalke3

End of contract and appartment issue. "Not uncommon" -CoT

Started by rahfh

End of Contract Flight Reimbursement for Traveling (NOT going home)

Started by rgracevn

End of contract issues: is this normal?

Started by happyneko

end of contract question

Started by Dagger

End of contract, extending Visa for 30 days.

Started by JennyC520

End of contract. D-10 or "visa extension".

Started by Horus

End of the year- TAX- IRELAND!

Started by Angela Marie Moran

End of Year Schedule

Started by iggyb

End of Yr Tax Settlement

Started by popeye2u

End-of-contracts gifts for co-teachers. What should I buy?

Started by fourthchild

Ending a contract

Started by echu919

ending a contract early

Started by sonofthedude777

Ending a contract early when your position has been eliminated by office of edu.

Started by sweetkat

Ending a Contract using Vacation Days

Started by Odang

Ending contract- tax/not being paid for last 7 days?

Started by Nafing

Ending Epik Contract Early ( Any last checks)

Started by star32569

Ending Feedback Thing

Started by remainer12

England CBC

Started by Gomdori

English Cafe

Started by driedraspberry

English Camps

Started by Skyehawks

English Center... Can someone shed some light??

Started by meifeng

English Contest Articles

Started by c-bear

English Conversation Teacher Wanted

Started by Mylove

English industry is tough these days

Started by basic69isokay

English Language Villages = pits of the Earth?

Started by samwh

English On-line Learning with Tutor

Started by jejuted

English Program Satisfaction Questionare for Native Teachers

Started by Socrates2080

English solicitor; career change to ESL a good idea?

Started by mp1984

English Speaking Robots Arrival

Started by dachiza727


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