Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Maternity Leave - Details, How to Register:

Started by purpleradish

Recruiter asking for copies of passport and criminal background check

Started by seamwash

Family friends with a student, now teaching at her school...

Started by nomadicmadda

Not paid travel allowance, during vacation months.

Started by Aristocrat

Any hope?

Started by Periwinkle

opted out of lunches

Started by bagel

Flight to Korea question

Started by stardust0789

school closing - how long can i stay?

Started by retty

Boss planning on running away. (The reverse midnight run)

Started by charlesspence

How do you get CBC from Korea?

Started by LeapOver

Requesting Maternity Leave: STRATEGICALLY...

Started by purpleradish

(Un)Employment Insurance -- How do I sign up?

Started by purpleradish

Is four summer and four winter camps common?

Started by Sarsfield

Two Hagwon Contracts Signed Both Have Different End Dates

Started by vanwest3

MOVED: Any information about Kisstone Academy (Yongsan, Seoul)?

Started by taeyang

How to Decline Job Offer (urgent)

Started by doubtful dude

American Citizen Born Abroad

Started by SFM

Is it too late to apply for GEPIK/SMOE right now?

Started by LeapOver

Will my MBA be an advantage in the SK job market?

Started by Wallace86

Can you go to an orthodontic appointment every month while teaching?

Started by flik

Public School or Hagwon?

Started by English Mike

August 14th

Started by bigwavedave

Advance on paycheck

Started by Piggydee

When they provide a one room, does that come with internet access usually?

Started by LeapOver

Public Holidays

Started by EditHero

Immigration Document Archiving

Started by matthews_world

Getting a non-teaching job?

Started by heri0n

E2 Visa transfer - staying with a friend but can't provide housing contract

Started by elmonoartico

No release letter

Started by imagicaxx

Apostille stamp from Australian consulate (Seoul)?

Started by Bulldogs12

End of contract, extending Visa for 30 days.

Started by JennyC520

Students swearing in class

Started by ohitsgary

EPIK Apartment Deposit and Paycheck

Started by OpMarBcn

Getting a visa for something other than teaching

Started by traveloshity

Over Qualified: Cannot find work.

Started by Tarryn Gray

Is it already to late for me? GEPIK korvia question

Started by kekekatie

Would you say that you have a lot more downtime at public schools compared to ha

Started by LeapOver

Moving to Korea with girlfriend to teach, how can we ensure similar locations?

Started by Nicholas_Ewing

Flight Reimbursement (going home) Q & A

Started by suji29

Did I make a mistake? What are my options?

Started by imagicaxx


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