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do korean english teachers have a big semester plan done already 4the semester?

Started by Smaug

Do Korean teachers work that hard?

Started by mel647

Do national health and pension premiums include housing/settlement allowance?

Started by SaintsCanada

do other schools/hakwons know if you quit your previous teaching job

Started by honeysherbert

Do parents write reviews for PS open classes? Do they matter?

Started by orangemint

Do part time employers need a copy of the back of ARC cards?

Started by AngryTypingGuy

Do people actually just play games in all their lessons?

Started by APH

Do sick days affect severance?

Started by MayorHaggar

Do some teachers just have it worse than others?

Started by Daeguer

Do South Africans get Pension.

Started by scholes

Do they pay you the air plane ticket only after you arrived?

Started by LeapOver

Do tutoring agencies test you for honesty?

Started by jsis

Do we get a day in lieu for the March 1st holiday?

Started by fourthchild

Do we need the apostilled diploma and Background check again?

Started by kadams3

Do you actually translate the messages your school sends you?

Started by aribee

Do you avoid eating lunch with your co-workers.

Started by Horus

Do you correct your CT's English?

Started by ohitsgary

Do you do your own paper work?

Started by stemarty

Do you ever feel...

Started by smileseoul

Do you ever get major attitude from your co-teachers?

Started by Say what?!

Do you ever have students try out swear words and insults on you?

Started by CDW

Do you get the incoming flight allowance if you're in the country? (EPIK)

Started by Canonite

Do you get to see pictures of your apartment before signing a contract?

Started by Emmama

Do you go home early?

Started by 001bautista

Do you have a "no snorting" rule in your classroom?

Started by Horus

Do you have a special needs student in your class...

Started by brandon85

Do you have an office at public school?

Started by taewon

Do you have any contact with parents

Started by Nokcha

Do you have co-teachers that you like less and less as time passes?

Started by mel647

Do you have Election Day 2014 (June 4th) off?

Started by MayorHaggar

Do you have experience teaching adults in Korea?

Started by drunkenfud

Do you have rights in school housing?

Started by minmei

Do you have to do medical exam every year, even if renew same school?

Started by kayakee

Do You Have to Run a Club at Your School?

Started by jaysoon17

Do you have to vacuum/clean your classroom?

Started by phrasalverb

Do you have your own room or do you go to each homeroom?

Started by vanzant

Do you know of any winter camps sponsoring C4 visas?

Started by L I

Do you need the original copy of the crc?

Started by LeapOver

Do you need to get a new CRC apostille and Degree apostille after your contract?

Started by headteacher

Do you need to get your degree apostilled?

Started by johnlee625


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