Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

DIY Korean police check

Started by Freeto

DMOE 60% reduction in positions available

Started by prabjeet

DMOE Desperation?

Started by WestMeetsEast

Do all or most schools offer a re-signing bonus?

Started by Ruffwed

Do background checks expire?

Started by kudzu

Do days you teach afterschool classes count as vacation days?

Started by Wretchard

Do Hagwons check past teaching exp?

Started by The Internationalist

Do hagwons share a list of blacklisted teachers?

Started by LeapOver

Do health insurance payments increase with salary?

Started by SeoulPurpose

do I apologize or stick to my guns?

Started by desert_sugi

do I get flight money if I'm not going home?

Started by adamC

Do I get money or flight ticket if i'm not going home

Started by chris9002

Do I have a chance with the labor board?

Started by kaizennus

Do I have much of a chance getting a teaching job?

Started by clud

Do I have to get my documents apostilled again?

Started by keyslimepie

Do I have to have a bank account to get paid by my PS?

Started by hchong1

Do I have to pay back flight allowance?

Started by Pandy627

Do I have to pay back GEPIK settlement allowance?

Started by loza

Do I Keep Original Medical Check for Renewal?

Started by Tdap

Do I need a new certificate of residency?

Started by orozcom

Do I need a new crim check?

Started by weso1

Do I need a new FBI background check

Started by JohnD

Do I need a new FBI background check?

Started by BradinKorea

Do I need a visa extension? (Contract ends after visa expiration)

Started by Lana

Do I need a visa to teach summer/winter camps?

Started by spivey378

Do I need an MA to get out of hagwons and public schools?

Started by incognito84

Do Korean co-teachers have a contractual obligation to teach?

Started by Proctor

do korean english teachers have a big semester plan done already 4the semester?

Started by Smaug

Do Korean teachers work that hard?

Started by mel647

Do national health and pension premiums include housing/settlement allowance?

Started by SaintsCanada

do other schools/hakwons know if you quit your previous teaching job

Started by honeysherbert

Do parents write reviews for PS open classes? Do they matter?

Started by orangemint

Do part time employers need a copy of the back of ARC cards?

Started by AngryTypingGuy

Do people actually just play games in all their lessons?

Started by APH

Do sick days affect severance?

Started by MayorHaggar

Do some teachers just have it worse than others?

Started by Daeguer

Do South Africans get Pension.

Started by scholes

Do they pay you the air plane ticket only after you arrived?

Started by LeapOver

Do tutoring agencies test you for honesty?

Started by jsis

Do we get a day in lieu for the March 1st holiday?

Started by fourthchild


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