Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Non-native teacher - is there any hope?

Started by kpoe

why is non face to face teaching so badly paid?

Started by eggieguffer

Interview tips?

Started by activate

If I have a criminal record

Started by mrsmoonshoes

MOVED: Continuing The EFL Teaching Career: Korea or Elsewhere?

Started by Yaya

MOVED: Gyeonggi Province NETs to Be Reduced?

Started by Yaya

E2 to E7 Visa

Started by atemporaryaccount

Obtaining copies of OLD contracts from immigration

Started by natmossy

MOVED: Chungnam to axe all foreign teachers?

Started by Yaya

I believe my school is try to pay my severance early.

Started by Tyedude

Teaching job without a degree?

Started by CherryBlossom

Health Check: Eye Exam

Started by monica145

Should I use a recruiter or just apply through EPIK?

Started by stardust0789

Questions about schools, areas, and work hours?

Started by Drumpunk892

I hate this kind of attitude among foreign teachers/NETs

Started by valium kilmer

University Transcripts Needed for Hagwon Job?

Started by Jeter2

Can a South African get a pension pay out?

Started by twak24

Asked for another medical check up SMOE

Started by mr

Chuseok and New Year Bonus, everyone except foreign teachers

Started by ART55

Late getting to school. .. coming back from Seoul. Is this an epic screw up?

Started by Jada4

School's Open House

Started by Piggydee

School's business registration number

Started by natmossy

Letter of Expected Graduation question for EPIK application

Started by stardust0789

How to make a prize/reward system with the school has no budget

Started by Piggydee

E-2 Visa while in foreign country.

Started by Duffman033

MOVED: landlord won't do anything to fix my water

Started by Yaya

high school kids sleeping

Started by eggieguffer

New Teachers: ESL Certificate, CELTA, TEFL, Things to Consider

Started by kindenglishteacher1

CELTA: Did I waste my time and money?

Started by mr_spivak

MOVED: Dodea South Korea

Started by Yaya

Friend in a bad hagwon situation--What to do?

Started by mikyu416

Getting REALLY sick of being at my schools.

Started by Whatsername888

Anyone get a University position with no uni experience?

Started by SoleJack

Going to be out of a job after only working five months in a Hagwon

Started by Sweetrevenge355

A year working in a Korean public school.

Started by tomoakleaf

After the TaLK program

Started by take_it

Fired at 11 months without cause. -- Do I have a case?

Started by ukelelebury

Canadian Degree "Apostille" Only Five Bucks?

Started by fdny

How long is the lunch hour in our contracts?

Started by mr

CRC, Reference Letter, Diploma, Transcripts, Proof of Employment

Started by kindenglishteacher1


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