Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

30 Days Notice at 5 Months in

Started by ecwjedi

300,000 settlement allowance - GEPIK

Started by li_09

300,000 settlement allowance?

Started by ellosunshine

300,000, medical retroactive payments for SMOE.

Started by Aklost

3rd grade Middle School Gifts (320 kids)

Started by TygerBeat11

4 day summer vacation? (with EPIK)

Started by aribee

4 th year renewal at same school!

Started by boeta777

4.6m a month in korea possible?

Started by internationalteacher

40 hour manadatory out of school work (EPIK Gangwon-do)

Started by thejesusman

5 day renewal vacation can only be used in your home country??

Started by Tyedude

5 days renewal plus new 26 days off. What was your outcome?

Started by OnNut81

5/6 graders cursing or mumbling under their breath.

Started by Piggydee

50% of my classes cancelled

Started by cornflakes

500000 won by Korean govt.

Started by grajoker

5th and 6th Grader Attitude Problems

Started by Ectofuego

5th grader rude to students- advice

Started by rlwalke3

6 month contract confusion

Started by boeta777

6 month contract extensions in public schools.

Started by Sarsfield

6 month contracts

Started by hunterst

6 month PS renewal?

Started by bdfjwk

6 months in & being asked to do health check again..

Started by jaejoon

6 Week Winter Camp

Started by APH

6-Month Hagwon Contract or Leaving Early?

Started by CookieCat

60 Days - Before/After the 6 Month Mark?

Started by AUabroad

60 days notice; how does it count in with the 6 months?

Started by ACofOntario

8 Hours a Day with Nobody to Talk to..

Started by Sega

8 month contracts

Started by ckfdv2424

9 AM- 6PM work day (EPIK)

Started by timash

9-6 working hours is the new norm?

Started by aarolye

90 day criminal record check exemption

Started by trenchtownmixup

@ Hagwon. Signed unusual disclaimer written in korean. what is this about?

Started by kiwistyle25

A Bad Hagwon?

Started by Leejongsuk89

A bit disappointed.

Started by 3twentseven

A Canadian with Questions.

Started by cmb3

A class they don't want to be in...

Started by odie

A couple of Hagwon questions

Started by jphill9990

A few contract questions...

Started by Rww

A few queries from a confused newbie on health insurance, power etc..

Started by BreatheAdventure

A few questions about moving country

Started by sixtieshappy

A few questions about the EPIK orientation

Started by unicornrustler


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