Contract, and Job Related Issues  - This section is dedicated to general contract, and job related issues. It's not specific to any company, however you may get/give advice from/to people who work through certain agencies. Please understand that general and overly negative rants are not permitted, and may result in a ban. 

Switching Co-Teachers?

Started by lazerbullet

Adventure Teaching liability Waiver...? (Is this normal)

Started by tjmeagher94

Co-teacher asking for all of my materials at public school

Started by Joshua1211

Pagoda daily rate offer

Started by lugubregondola

Cleaning fee deduction from Housing Deposit

Started by bence_pieterse

Company wants to pay directly to US bank account

Started by Choman10

Racist job adverts still abound

Started by eggieguffer

Academic Manager (UK position) Advice or tips please.

Started by Whatgook

GEPIK Training/Orientation Oct. 21-26

Started by monkeysennin

Exit allowance/ severance/ deposit sent to Korean or US bank acct?

Started by sfujiki

Disparate levels, unconcerned coT

Started by yirj17

Haven't heard back from hagwon for two weeks,is this normal or should I move on?

Started by aim15

Teaching something other than English at a K-Uni

Started by obwannabe

woosong paying upto 3.5m

Started by lugubregondola

Pension Office Hours (Suwon)

Started by Nitjoh23

Paying for Flight Coming to Korea Once Quitting a Hagwon

Started by Jeter2

jobs over 3m

Started by lugubregondola

How to interpret this termination clause?

Started by LaChaca

Going from one E2 to another with a different employer

Started by William George

Quitting my job

Started by Clarsen

Moving from a small rural school to a Seoul school

Started by eummae

Getting copies of our documents from immigration.

Started by Toshiba

SMOE Payscale EPIK

Started by The Arm

Working for Gyeongsang for three years in Gimhae and now being asked to move??

Started by Tyedude

Canadian Tax Q&A

Started by Virginia

Trouble Among Co-workers

Started by stan rogers

how many students at your hagwon

Started by lugubregondola

Unpaid Leave to Visit Sick Parent

Started by giraffe388

On My CV

Started by Foreverparadise

What to do about shit talkers in hagwon teacher's office?

Started by LaChaca

Showing movies frequently in public middle school?

Started by SuperDoodle23

Applying to an office of edcuation

Started by photochic1

British Pensions situation

Started by soapywow

Advice or information needed on applying for Seoul

Started by e_seun

BMCOE superintendent's email?

Started by TAdventures

How long should it take for me to receive my pension?

Started by tr06

Just saw an ad for a full-time position "up to 1,900,000w".

Started by SmallBaguette

Have an E2 visa, want a tourist visa instead

Started by gobsh

Getting married and living together.

Started by cpark0114

Long work hours are killing me, what can I/should I do?

Started by kittykat


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