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BREAKING NEWS: Buckingham palace announcement....

Started by sleepy

What is appropriation?

Started by KimDuHan

White people age like bananas!

Started by KimDuHan

Does anyone have good experiences with online teaching?

Started by Andyman

One reason why capitalism gets a bad rap

Started by eastreef

The Looting Machine Called Capitalism

Started by SaintsCanada

Thread Deleted no reason given.

Started by freddyinkorea

Brits with student loans between 2002 and 2006 - loans being sold

Started by sleepy

Camden vs Chuck Norris - who'd win?

Started by gidget

Facebook Group OINK (only in Korea)

Started by KimDuHan

Passive Aggressive Complaint Left on my Door

Started by taszit5910

Korean or Hasidic?

Started by donovan

Would you ever move back to your home country?

Started by money55

Issues with Amazon shipping

Started by Aristocrat

Goal setting books/ program suggestions

Started by metzy244

Racist CJ Mineral Water Logo

Started by Not a fan of kimchi

Dyeing Hair

Started by hiragardless

Using hazard lights to park

Started by Aristocrat

poor geography

Started by oli125

Anyone here have an electric razor scooter? The standing ones

Started by HiddenPerson

The name for every European country in Mandarin, Korean and Japanese.

Started by Taal

Cities with the most polluted air

Started by L I

Did Trump just start WW3???

Started by thunderlips

Students Glaring?

Started by whowouldvethought?

Great moment

Started by BTyrant

Posting Phone Batteries Abroad

Started by Jharris

In what grade do your students first have English classes?

Started by L I

English Radio listeners! Please help me with master's thesis research! (Survey)

Started by michin_migukin

Do men look better with beards?

Started by eggieguffer

Fantasy Baseball on Yahoo!

Started by antoniusk

Glyphosate: why is this not banned?

Started by some waygug-in

Expectations in relationships...thoughts?

Started by CO2

Good statistics on average wage/spend in Korea

Started by cracker

Document retrieval

Started by beckaR

An interesting article about the history of Asian immigration to Canada.

Started by some waygug-in

Do nose piercings look good on women?

Started by eggieguffer

What if a male teacher had done this?

Started by some waygug-in

The most important video I've seen for my health.

Started by some waygug-in

One of the top anti-Korean hate sites?

Started by CDW

The reality of immigration illustrated by gumballs.

Started by some waygug-in


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