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Various Jeollanamdo Groups/Events and useful web links

Started by capebretonbarbarian

english O/s

Started by kaymac

unable to open files and powerpoints

Started by meme

taedonggang beer

Started by Sally09

speech class

Started by dreal

TOPIK korean language practice and Baseball

Started by drkhv7@gmail.com

ESL weather related question

Started by gaegujange nick

Lessons for the last week of class?

Started by c-bear

Visiting a co-teachers home

Started by Scott

Anybody work at Yeongsang Sungji HS in Yeonggwang recently?

Started by Brian

The Anti-English Spectrum on CBC Radio

Started by Scott

Educational Materials

Started by kennyjd

Middle School Grade 3/ Finished tests, now what?

Started by kitty.cat


Started by Arsalan

Lunch tray problem

Started by suncheonerin

Bank accounts and cell phones

Started by Scott

Electronics in Gwangju

Started by Mokpo Brad

EPIK, JLP and Regional . .opinions please.

Started by keobuk2

cool site that has reviews of hagwons in Korea

Started by teach2korea

New look.

Started by Brian

What is the rate for editing business documents already in Enlgish

Started by jerryawagner

EPIK in Jeollanam-do

Started by robtel

Creative Property

Started by raisedbywoolves

The Opposite of Fan Death

Started by jellomando

Korea: Top Spender in Private Education, Low Results

Started by Samuel

Horse Fighting in South Korea

Started by Arsalan

Eslcafe forums greasemonkey script - removes avatars and hiding of posts by user

Started by chuko

Anyone interested in volunteering in India?

Started by capebretonbarbarian

Updates and possible downtime

Started by Arsalan

Voting Fraud... 2008

Started by Arsalan

The Yangpa

Started by capebretonbarbarian

English Practice SAT test

Started by AlexMokpo

Felix and Fido get the boot

Started by Samuel

Korean Mr.Mom

Started by Samuel

Canadian pedophile in Korea

Started by Samuel

The War on Humanity

Started by Arsalan

Please help! Daejeon animal shelter is closing

Started by Samuel

Wake up those taxi drivers

Started by Samuel

Demo classes

Started by pinkrabbit

'Good things happening in Korea' or 'Sex Education out there in Mokpo'.

Started by nicola


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