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My time in a Korean jail

Started by banc

There's a hanguk.org in your country. What do the Korean ex-pats complain about?

Started by CO2

Japan, South Korea shut out refugees

Started by nomadicmadda

English Words to Ban

Started by jdb1983

Rude Foreigners

Started by cosmogony

Targetted by Korean evangelicals

Started by DMZ

Wow seems they really are phasing out NETS


Where would you rank Korean food internationally?

Started by Dolphinsfan1986

What is the craziest conspiracy theory you have come across?

Started by defenderoftherealm

Koreans... and their predictable slash personal questions-A nice guy's hell

Started by 0mnslnd

What's your nationality?

Started by jdb1983

What's with those sausage snacks in Korea?

Started by joseph921

Brit expats have no room to complain about who gets elected

Started by GoCyclones

Have you realized teaching just isn't your thing?

Started by Say what?!

Americans: Are you ever just ashamed or embarrassed?

Started by paramdungi

Completely annoyed by Koreans and their love for Caucassians

Started by johnkim

How Many Lessons Do You Make A Week?

Started by kleigh

Bill Cosby Scandal

Started by CDW

Funny / naive things you used to believe.


Online Electronics Store in Korea, but in English?

Started by wazure

Who owns the Liancourt Rocks? (Other names: Dokdo/Takeshima)

Started by SUTIIVE

American and British English - let's work together!!

Started by eemneedah

Japan nuclear - How safe are we?

Started by strawberry

Your Vice(s)

Started by GEK

Is it really possible to have a fulfilling relationship with a language barrier?

Started by Bump

Going to college was the worst mistake I've ever made

Started by Lee Jal Seng

Everland vs Lotte World

Started by elleutah

Is drinking the only thing most foreigners do to pass the time?

Started by incognito84

Home Sweet Home

Started by travish65742

Urgent help needed. Homeless and havent eaten in five days

Started by lee_erika

K-Youtuber Glenn Gogo deported from Korea for filming his students kissing?

Started by MintKiss

When does appreciation of someone's physique become objectification?

Started by englishrose

Dear Fat People

Started by tofusquare

Why do Koreans Often Giggle When They Interact with a Foreigner?

Started by Driver 8

Do You Consider $200,000 A Lot of Money?

Started by jaysoon17

Being made fun of by students

Started by xiloa360

Wearing the same clothes multiple days in a row

Started by smores85

What annoys you when talking to Koreans?

Started by tardigrade

Why is Seoul so utterly filthy?

Started by Horus

Thing I wish I could tell my co-teacher

Started by ladyrhavyn


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