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It Still Baffles My Mind...

Started by brollyhero

how many times do you hear "Ahh, Jinja!" a day?

Started by portlandzach


Started by JackRoxby

Want out / Can't afford to leave

Started by weso1

All I Want For Xmas is a Daejon Drug Test~

Started by Koradian

GEPIK Orientation Memorable Moments

Started by Shenanigans

I got assaulted by Captain of US Army...

Started by unknownx

There is no such thing as a "British accent" (rant!)

Started by Koenji

Help. Accidentally sent text to girlfriend...when chatting with another woman.

Started by Horus

Freee! Freeeeee! Freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


Korea invented pizza......no for real :)

Started by unknownx

Ever found out other teachers at your school talk smack about you?

Started by Bump

What folks are saying about Trump.

Started by weigookin74

The Good, Racist People

Started by Frozencat99


Started by amgoalng

Oh Mai Gawrd

Started by natale_laplante

Myers Briggs Foreigners

Started by Chadwickhhs

Is HPV tested in the medical check? Can it result in deportation?

Started by Maria000

Are Americans the only ones that always Dutch pay?

Started by George Washington

Why do people stay working at hagwons?

Started by DingALing

Topics for adult free talking classes

Started by djlab09

Why do Koreans tell you things at the last possible minute?

Started by Jrong

Is my school too strict, or am I crazy?

Started by Gradius

Finland to stop teaching individual subjects

Started by mirokii

Party rock anthem ("shuffling" song) =painfully annoying

Started by 0mnslnd


Started by firebreaker

Girlfriend's Insane Ex-Boyfriend

Started by kps1

22 Year Old Virgin Goes On Shooting Rampage

Started by CDW

Last Day of Teaching! Whoop!!!

Started by MartinBrez


Started by w0tness


Started by sheila

Do you like Korean or Foreign women / men????

Started by engbrand

Chinese pretty rude to Obama.

Started by weigookin74

Have you ever (not intentionally) made your students cry?

Started by Say what?!

Korea Times Article Criticizing NETs

Started by CDW

Big-footed friends unite

Started by beegriffy

Which between the two do you prefer? (Galaxy S or iPhone?)

Started by jimmyeatworldwar

"What Do You Live For?" (money, happiness, fame, yourself, etc)

Started by boanerges

What Really Annoys Me...

Started by Rocketman9465

Cultural Taboos Around the World

Started by ejmclaine


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