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Twins & Bears - Season Opener

Started by Coop88

Why does the consulate/immigration want so many sealed transcripts?

Started by TiffanyI

How does the MOE select NETS for training?

Started by Cask85

How long is the rainy season in Korea?

Started by TiffanyI

Gift ideas for guys...

Started by shambles2.0

Native Teachers GO BACK HOME! Don't take jobs from Koreans!!!

Started by boanerges

mountain biking

Started by happyexecutioner

Legal representation in Korea

Started by Eoin

Do you wear your heart on your sleeve?

Started by Cereal

Wherefore art thou Zeeto?

Started by bern

Health Care fee just went up?

Started by joseph921

Rural vs Urban

Started by cosmogony

Teacher beaten - No repercussions :(

Started by Koradian


Started by scottdk

I really need help. Thinking of moving to Seoul from Daejeon.

Started by wafflebunny

Daelim parts in particular new muffler...

Started by nawade

Targetted by Korean evangelicals

Started by DMZ

The Principal is your PAL.

Started by andiusaugustus

2 Day Poll Giving your phone number to your students

Started by rorio82

Seeking hip hop artists.

Started by gsenthi

koreaherald-korean teens have the worst social skills in the WORLD!

Started by kate.d

Some posters here are not Native English Teachers

Started by GEK

Help: Games for low-Beginner high school girls?

Started by Ochodnid

How much should I care about my job??

Started by tommypatt

An English word question

Started by expertamateur

Keeping American Health Insurance while in South Korea

Started by hawkiko

Kefir grains or Kombucha cultures audi?

Started by lillies

Grammar book for curious student...

Started by danielmataylor

-Busan- How to get to the Sasang Driver's License Office?

Started by jcm91186

Approximate time for a bomb game?

Started by zenbone

Please give me your opinions

Started by Jinlee929

Nightmare scenarios

Started by karenology

English test scores

Started by Lever

Advice on video game console?

Started by eveliens


Started by English Mike

Pyeongchon/Indeogwon. What's there to do after work?

Started by gramps

Business certificate,say what?

Started by Manyisa_1

out of country interview...what to tell school

Started by letunstall@gmail.com

Fingerprint recognition on all doors at elementary school

Started by letsgoteacher

Loooong disciplinary lectures

Started by Cranberryopah


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