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Maybe I Overreacted

Started by OogaBooga

What are good gifts to bring from America for your school?

Started by Shooma


Started by basi

What is the FUNNIEST VIRAL VIDEO you have ever seen?

Started by dpsmith

Recommend me a good reality tv show with tons of episodes


How awesome would it be if no students showed up for winter camp?

Started by Bump

Bored at school. What do you do?

Started by mrsamandab

Which age group do you prefer teaching?

Started by Fraulion

I miss Korea

Started by cosmogony


Started by Mountiandrue


Started by #basedcowboyshirt

Anyone eat it yet?

Started by Pizza

Left-handed vs. Right-handed

Started by DejaVu

For the writers

Started by hwacks

Side chicks. I have questions. Should I have one?

Started by defenderoftherealm

Work Fatigue

Started by The Arm

Calorie/Carb in Soju, Makkoli and Korean Beer?

Started by Corrdawg

Do you fart more in Korea or at home?

Started by willis

Any foreigners here whose own children go to a Korean primary school?

Started by tardigrade

BOSE Headphones in Korea (where to buy)

Started by Ben

Gangnam vs Hongdae for Friday night

Started by teachere

Not paying credit card debts from back home while working in South Korea.

Started by Airgod25

Korean Playstation 3 Question

Started by R.J.Revnyak

Leaving EPIK for University at mid contract....advice

Started by ano33

Most Embarrassing Moment at your school...

Started by bigboy

Lack of awareness, or lack of compassion?

Started by mrtriathleet

Penalty for Losing a Bet

Started by kneezah

K-pop group members can't stop falling.

Started by Horus

Korean fashion

Started by DejaVu

Annoying students...how do you ignore them?

Started by Bump

Anyone dread going to work after the weekend?

Started by Bump

The tipping point reached?

Started by basic69isokay

What are some mistakes you've made since you've been here?

Started by ladyrhavyn

Why do a lot of people know next to nothing about Korea?

Started by jaakked1

Shocking/impressive discoveries of the countries of your fellow Waygookin

Started by WillisJones

This Would Make My Life So Much Easier Here...

Started by JDSR2012

coworkers and i

Started by hankmcmasters

Korean Exchange Bank Rainbow Checking Account?

Started by flukeriffic

Bali Businesses Ban Annoying Korean Tourists

Started by Space

Dong Chim Stories/Punishment

Started by 배비곳밖


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