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If Germany had won WWII

Started by tamjen

Dropbox banned for SMOE public schools?

Started by junkymia

Classroom Cleaning - how much do you do?

Started by letunstall@gmail.com

Supermario bomb game- Fun game or does it cause ww3?

Started by Waygookingumisi

Is there anything worse than International break football?

Started by YoungMin

SMOE reduces NETs...How about we reduce visas for Koreans overseas?

Started by unknownx

Insults to look out for

Started by chrisplank

Someone please explain Pororo to me.

Started by Jrong

Muhammed Ali has died

Started by sligo

Various Jeollanamdo Groups/Events and useful web links

Started by capebretonbarbarian

UK criminal record check (CRC)

Started by tardigrade

Check amount on LG prepay phone

Started by tabitha53

Anyone elses language exchanges only lasting one meeting?

Started by Andrea152

would you marry/date a guy poorer than you?

Started by money55


Started by #basedcowboyshirt

Battles with students

Started by iamrhart

Lance Armstrong

Started by Cereal

What habits have you picked up since moving to Korea?

Started by sweet_potato

What will you sing at the teachers' party?

Started by Freeto

Chinese native speakers on the way?

Started by Andyroo

choosing job/work over long term relationship partner?

Started by KimDuHan

Korean Police Check

Started by jenna740

Withdrawing money from American bank account...

Started by Say what?!

Who is doing a "Dry January"?

Started by Piggydee

What's your favorite thing about teaching in korea

Started by money55

"an idiot abroad" tv show

Started by Luckylinda

Extra-firm tofu?

Started by dessa

Christopher Paul Neil at it again

Started by williethewimp

Who's the Most Successful Former ESL Teacher That You Know?

Started by jaysoon17

"Seem not to be able" vs "Seem to not be able" help

Started by diesel

Almost Paintful Bathroom Stink

Started by cosmogony

Was teaching the most important thing for you when deciding to come to Korea?

Started by Bump

Highest paid ESL teacher you know of (Korean and Foreign)

Started by JL5205

What was your first car?

Started by jackdaniels

Citizens in 15 States File Petitions to Secede from United States

Started by Frozencat99

People without credit cards

Started by NYC_Gal 2.0

Japanese airline ANA pulls 'racist' big nose westerner advert

Started by Koenji

Anyone ever met a North Korean?

Started by bigal

How long before you can say you've lived in a country or city?

Started by yirgacheffe

If your student asked you for a mixed tape...

Started by Olga


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