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Can I be fired?

Started by kingme36

Dudes Holding Hands

Started by nonchalantninja

Teaching somewhere other than Korea.

Started by debger

4D Theatres Locations?

Started by JamericanTeacher

Bringing my Korean wife to America

Started by Mr.Kimchi

Should we be offended?

Started by vitamin-d

How much savings do you have?

Started by theman3285

Stephen Fry's Open Letter to IOC/David Cameron

Started by Frozencat99

Won exchange rate terrible! (New Zealand Dollar) Send money home now or wait??

Started by kiwikimchi

Anyone else feel like a minority ....

Started by NZ4Life

Suggestions needed-Afraid of water

Started by bmym80

The Freezing/Moving Of Gen Disc Messages by Moderator Sara

Started by VizionMC

Romantic Gift Ideas

Started by AlaricKorea

My bigoted thoughts on current state of South Korea

Started by sippingadietcoke

Male teachers: do you wear a suit and a tie at work?

Started by expertamateur

Neighbours complaining about noise

Started by dutopia

Giving number to students

Started by peasgoodnonsuch

Any Brits on here only just getting in touch with the student loans comapny??

Started by traveloshity

How to deal with pushy co-teachers?

Started by Howlin2blues

Cellphone contracts in Korea?

Started by mich

What are your "LIFE's unsolved mysteries???"

Started by cornflakes

Half-Korean, Half-Caucasian kid hates english..

Started by nickster13

Unmotivated Students

Started by nickhoon7

What are your plans for summer?

Started by CO2

Don't mess with Korean women.....for real

Started by unknownx

Grammar Nazis Have Less Agreeable Personalities, Study Finds

Started by johnny russian

What's up with your name?

Started by tamjen

How would you choose to leave?

Started by eslseoul2012

Apartment decoration

Started by heyitslep

Want to go teach, girlfriend doesn't.

Started by melted_banana

Everyone seems obsessed with the radiation rain. Am I going to die?

Started by Sakura13

What's your strutting song?

Started by englishrose

Scary experience at 5 am

Started by justanotherwaygook

What did you major in?

Started by pinishee

Plane Crash, A Terrorist Attack?

Started by Foreverparadise

Korea and their crazy cancellation fee!

Started by sgookele

Do Korean phones accept foreign Sim Cards?

Started by SUTIIVE

Any better "Western" clinics than Itaewon's International Clinic?

Started by jdniii

Age difference in relationships

Started by zola

Is my situation REALLY that bad? C'mon now.

Started by wafflebunny


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