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Maybe students are dumber these days - Canucks anyway

Started by Liechtenstein

Worst bear market of our lifetimes coming

Started by SanderB

Communication Between Genders

Started by JVPrice

Trump attends final day of Sumo Tournament in Tokyo - presents award

Started by williamwhite

Hitler was gay

Started by SanderB

asking people out

Started by eggieguffer

Ex-teacher who worked in Korea charged with spying in China

Started by SPQR

Mass extinction

Started by SanderB

Slavery and reparations

Started by eggieguffer

9 oz. Baby in Japan

Started by NorthStar

What countries didn't live up to the hype?

Started by Piggydee

Post some news being ignored by the MSM

Started by Cyanea

Connecting an Xbox controller to PC

Started by theman3285

NBA 2K19 xbox one...

Started by bb459

How much do I need to pay?

Started by Swervy96

Sensitive Topic: Pedophiles

Started by Liechtenstein

Today is my birthday. How should I celebrate? (How do you?)

Started by VanIslander

What happened to Madeline McCann?

Started by Thomas Mc

Philipines Threaten Candada with ..War

Started by NorthStar

Leaving before your resignation end date

Started by Mqburtis88

Watching Eurovision (help!)

Started by thefantasticash

Online masters in computer programming

Started by rufus947

Looking for cheapest smartphone and phone plan

Started by AvecPommesFrites

Things that suck about facebook.

Started by Cyanea

anyone used Sentbe app to sen/remit money to the USA?

Started by bb459

In your Home Country or in Asia?

Started by Foreverparadise

New layout

Started by SanderB

Crazy leftist things Jae-in administration has instituted thread

Started by Chester Jim

Graffiti Vandalism- Why? (Also, your best horse-related puns)

Started by Mr.DeMartino

Why is “, however” wrong.

Started by JNM


Started by SanderB


Started by bb459

Survey for Master's Dissertation

Started by kellogg1

World's happiest countries

Started by SanderB

World satisfaction ratings

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

Which modern or relatively modern English words/sayings irritate you.

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

May I ask your help?

Started by sam2ya05


Started by SanderB

Ohhh, Mexico

Started by NorthStar

Your list of exceptions

Started by VanIslander


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