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New Zealand becomes first Asian-Pacific country to legalize same-sex marriage

Started by Frozencat99

Using XE.com to wire money home

Started by newtokorea

Laser Scar Removal

Started by hkg123

Can I get deported/in trouble for blacklisting a hagwon?

Started by Wavefunction

Anyone visited eslcafe lately?

Started by Somebody

I am writing a letter to myself.

Started by L I

Do you waste endless amounts of time doing absolutely nothing on the internet?

Started by cadwg

Police officer shoots man to death in Cincinnati traffic stop

Started by CDW

2011 Q1 Distribution of NET's by country.

Started by elprofesor

Aged-out of teaching in Korea?

Started by Philbo

If you are sick, GET THE FLU SHOT

Started by spidertao


Started by misskris

Sense of Humor

Started by CeilingofStars

Gmarket is driving me insane

Started by alyssa.callahan

"Teacher what are you doing ? "...

Started by The 13th Earl

Public Schools to Ban Internet?

Started by Hot6^

Stalker Kids

Started by hiphopopotamus


Started by smithdoi

Support for gay students

Started by teachertam

What's the dumbest thing a kid has cried about?

Started by jebckr

First day back...anything going on?

Started by Bump

Unmarried Equality

Started by tsarotu

Beer in Korea

Started by Rusty Brown

The coming collapse.

Started by Aurata

Murder-Suicide on Wedding Night

Started by CDW

Strangest foods you've eaten overseas

Started by KevinTeacher84

Alcohol addiction? Please help!!

Started by lychee

Looking to buy a External Hard Drive

Started by libbylu

The dreaded tax issues (UK)

Started by JennyC520

The Movember Mustache. Socially acceptable in Korea? Professional?

Started by ACofOntario

Turning in lesson plans for every freakin' lesson?!

Started by Say what?!

Getting an iphone through KT

Started by miss_cho

2 million won in Seoul or 9000rmb in Shanghai (after taxes); which is better?

Started by linguaman


Started by boll

Unemployment rate for American college graduates: 3.4%

Started by L I

US movies failing at home but bailed out by International audiences

Started by calvin0416

English speaking church in Suwon?

Started by naturegirl321

Have you ever taken a nap at school?

Started by Say what?!

Rural vs Urban

Started by cosmogony

students do poorly on tests. what am i doing wrong :-(

Started by niale


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