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New E2 Visa Question: IMPORTANT

Started by x7sa

Paint balling

Started by mojo_mania


Started by Marissa0687

End of contract: How much time do I have to get out

Started by ada

Co teacher

Started by drborde

Catholic church in Pohang

Started by licklepatch

Japanese fish banned?

Started by Thomas Mc

After school lesson advice please!

Started by dizzl

Any ideas for fun things to do this weekend?

Started by epwilkinson

Nestlé’s new Pure Life Bottled Water contains tap water!!

Started by Harpeau

Grade 6 student doesn't know the alphabet. Can you help me?

Started by paladin777

MMA/K-1 matches

Started by Choman10

Pension Issues

Started by breaker1225

Dealing with a princiUNpal.

Started by canadianont

absent co-teacher

Started by victorflood

Corrupt Microsoft Office

Started by kahikigirl

Airport Bus

Started by TeePee

Dumb it down for vocational HS???

Started by HurricaneJ

Golf - European Tour - Ballantines Championship

Started by munkybutler

Cool radio stations to stream..

Started by raka_dier

One of those days you HATE teaching..would like your advice!

Started by clairemaree

Conan O'brien with some Korean girls,

Started by jgroh

Hiking In/Very Near Seoul Suggestions

Started by NMonk

Topics for adult free talking classes

Started by djlab09

How to volunteer in Japan?

Started by bb

What are some fun non-PowerPoint games?

Started by alicebrookes

How Do You Deal With Missing Major Events at Home?

Started by mavsfan5

Do you make movies or video blogs while in Korea

Started by teachertq

About official trips...

Started by oatmealkooky

Transferring Money Home KB BANK

Started by clairemaree

Have you realized teaching just isn't your thing?

Started by Say what?!

I think my principal got the hots for me...O_o

Started by wafflebunny

FedEx charged me $230 to ship a used laptop from the US to Korea. WHY???

Started by wazure

Work feels like a drag sometimes...

Started by Bump

SOOOOO Frustrated

Started by KevinTeacher84

Visa end date

Started by Granth5185

Correct Yoda

Started by Jarulian

Eye floaters!

Started by happygolucky

Do you waste endless amounts of time doing absolutely nothing on the internet?

Started by cadwg

Good joke?

Started by mulletor0012


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