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Okay, Naver Maps is awesome.

Started by jgroh

Why Do I Feel Punished for being "sensitive"?

Started by wafflebunny

I love waygook.org!!!!!!!!

Started by kimchilover

Is there anything worse than International break football?

Started by YoungMin

Do Indians REALLY eat with their hands?

Started by cjszk

TVing (online TV) now available in English

Started by hodumaru

EPIK District Coordinator Question

Started by kps1

How long is the rainy season in Korea?

Started by TiffanyI

Atkins Diet

Started by Harpoinseoul

Where to buy a wedding dress in Seoul?

Started by kimjoohui

High electricity bill (how to solve?)

Started by cosmogony

Should I stay or should I go? Stats.

Started by nickster13

A random British slang question for British people

Started by expertamateur

Gym teacher harasses me and "no" is not an option for him

Started by Cask85

Banged Up Abroad:ㅋㅋㅋ

Started by TOEFL

Go-Karting near Daegu (waegwon)

Started by Waygookingumisi

The inability to say "I'm sorry" -- what is the cause?

Started by BTeacher

How long before you can say you've lived in a country or city?

Started by yirgacheffe

If Germany had won WWII

Started by tamjen

Escaped convict Richard Matt shot and killed. Three shots to head.

Started by marshmellow man

Nail Salon Workers in NYC Exploited by Korean Owners

Started by CDW

Which society is the most progressive?

Started by kyndo

Monty Python. Thoughts?

Started by cragesmure

Making things Better

Started by siamagoo

Ebay orders to Korea

Started by Mr Oh Eu Didn't

KEB questions/issues

Started by sunshinefiasco

Bomb game for entire class period?

Started by lizard

My eyes hurt

Started by cosmogony

Do you wear your heart on your sleeve?

Started by Cereal

What was the best thing that has happened to you in Korea?

Started by jeonjubibimbap

How your ancestors' farming may affect your thinking.

Started by acousticr

Making things Better ... Ourselves!

Started by siamagoo

Western Breakfast - Bacon and Eggs - in Seoul or Ansan

Started by Pro-Vision

Are you embarrassed to be a ESL teacher/professor?

Started by Telephone33

F.U. letter to teacher

Started by iamrhart

would you marry/date a guy poorer than you?

Started by money55

You vs. Grizzly Bear

Started by jimmyjamison

It's difficult to keep track of what you've spent in a month! Advice?

Started by ricky_wwkk

Lint on clothing after Washing Machine

Started by annoymous


Started by Ectofuego


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