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EPIK (March) Orientation/Training -Daejeon

Started by cruisemonkey

Waygook needs a 'Like' button!

Started by pcunit2009

Where are the camera shops in Namdemun?

Started by sheedi

School holidays for the upcoming week?

Started by Say what?!

Do you report empty posts?

Started by justanotherwaygook

Kudos to YOU, Korea. Your Banking System is the Shiznit!!!

Started by JamericanTeacher

You don't have to pay the 900,000 won deposit?

Started by Franch

Students and their dance routines

Started by Yu_Bumsuk

Traveller's Cheques

Started by mishabee

Which "brown eyed girl" is better?

Started by elzoog

No more F2 Visas? Spouses to receive F6 possibly by September.

Started by jrwhite82

Age barriers for native speakers?

Started by chadpipe

Butterfingers...Is there a western Seoul Location?

Started by weirdgirlinkorea


Started by binkorea

Teachers putting their names on PPT's. Thoughts??

Started by eemneedah

Korean TV Show - trying to figure out the name

Started by yitzike

Dokto on May 16

Started by livinusb

Korean Soup

Started by Jamface

Anyone want to play some baseball?

Started by ELP

Pleasant Fri afternoon in Korea

Started by rjsinger

How involved are you?

Started by Ollie84

Last minute

Started by lifeisgood6447

"Seem not to be able" vs "Seem to not be able" help

Started by diesel

Smokers - do you smoke at school?

Started by edsel

Digital Keypad Deadbolts

Started by charliepacific27

Reward system

Started by lifeisgood6447

Korean Lessons for GEPIK teachers

Started by danitravels

PS3 online..now have time?

Started by lifeisgood6447

Waxing in Daejeon

Started by DisplayName001

Anyone know when the PS volleyball tournaments are this year?

Started by Billy

Where to find Bog Plants?

Started by KINwithaG

Classic Storbooks- PPT's

Started by saab

Notary in Korea

Started by CMceachern

What is the FUNNIEST VIRAL VIDEO you have ever seen?

Started by dpsmith

Cellphone not receiving "long" text messages?

Started by Fraulion

Are there any banks that sell money orders in Korea?

Started by cinamon

Do you have few meaningful relationships at work?

Started by Bump

How does your school's bell sound? LOL!

Started by wafflebunny

GEPIK Orientation reactions. (Elementary school edition)

Started by Gunpojohnny

Voice lessons

Started by justanotherwaygook


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