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Rugby in Korea

Started by TheGreenChef

Creative At Home Gyms and Workouts

Started by Fad9567

CFA exam level 1

Started by scholes

Wanna help my Korean Co-teacher by filling in a survey regarding co-teaching?

Started by skofeteacher

Divorced In Korea

Started by jaysoon17

Help, elementary school ESL Essay Writing + Speaking Contest

Started by mareena

"Malicious code" doing the rounds

Started by mikeymike

What would your last meal be?

Started by freckleswin

candy canes-help!

Started by pantufla


Started by jammyb

How Much To Retire at 30?

Started by Rusty Shackleford

Muhammed Ali has died

Started by sligo

What unique korean toys should I bring home to my niece and nephew?

Started by mitsukaikasei

I'm exhausted.


Elementary boy hit by a car while running in the street

Started by ArmoredButterfly

Who is scared to fly?

Started by Piggydee

Cameras at Yongsan: too good to be true?

Started by tinopener

ESL in North Korea... What if?...

Started by nick2012

How many people don't look at waygook when you don't have to be at school.

Started by specter13

two year blues...

Started by lizteacher10

School bullies

Started by traveller

Staying in Korea

Started by pinishee

Bull fighting in Korea

Started by shea.karssing



Turned out bad quickly

Started by misfit

Cable company recommendations with English channels?

Started by HunterTecherNN


Started by #basedcowboyshirt

Greece and the Euro

Started by ahess.wisc

My CT didn't believe me- so I ended up in the hospital!

Started by desert_sugi

Need help/advice: my dreams vs. parents dreams

Started by shui054

Multiple Entry (re-entry) Visa

Started by holden

What's the strangest thing a student has brought to class?

Started by meepmoopimmarobots

Are you embarrassed to be a ESL teacher/professor?

Started by Telephone33

Passport full!

Started by matieu

Reporting an Illegal Hagwon

Started by English Mike

Students asking for money

Started by andrucer

Has anyone played dodgeball at school?

Started by UKsimon

Black people can't make coffee?

Started by money55

How long before you can say you've lived in a country or city?

Started by yirgacheffe


Started by Obamanator


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