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Started by Cy&Leon

Little Things in LIFE That Make Make You Go 'Meh'

Started by JeremyC

Is Lotte World worth it?

Started by krazy4kimchi

Any musicians out there (trying to get out of ESL)?

Started by L I

Bike on the KTX

Started by TriKorea

Confused and in need of help with applying to PS

Started by curds

Teacher beaten - No repercussions :(

Started by Koradian

Anybody from August, 2006 take off?

Started by Brian

Does your Co-T EVER use english with the students outside of class!?

Started by portlandzach

Your Dietary Faith

Started by waygookkorea

Absurd requests from Korean Parents?

Started by ktkates87

Roots - a cause of racism in Korea?

Started by andrucer

Anyone else at school today?

Started by Freeto

Ajumma Dance Party

Started by lizard

UNISA students

Started by francois

My Coteacher may be leaving the school....

Started by jbaile

"Planker" dies.

Started by dauphinalbert

Kudos to YOU, Korea. Your Banking System is the Shiznit!!!

Started by JamericanTeacher

I'm curious - How freezing are you?

Started by stickfigure

Donald Trump holds more delegates than all candidates combined

Started by FinnSein

Korean movies with English subtitles

Started by ACofOntario

Teach high school???

Started by Gomdori

The next super-power

Started by kengreen

I want to crossdress

Started by Blushing

Irrational Fears...

Started by Rocketman9465

How involved are you?

Started by Ollie84

disney acquires lucasfilm (star wars, ILM, etc...) [MOD EDIT]

Started by bawaugh

Podcast suggestions

Started by raka_dier

Stolen Macbook!

Started by kanpekilove

Life lessons learned.

Started by Cyanea

Jaden Smith Thread: Getting answers to your dumb questions.

Started by ChickenLegsMcGee

Tell me a little-known fact.

Started by Cyanea

Foreign Remittance Question

Started by talklouder

Any NFL Fans?

Started by TheEnergizer

UFC fans?

Started by sukhoon2

Why did 'Cloud Atlas' fail domestically?

Started by joseph921

Asus Transformer Prime Tablet - Where to buy?

Started by calvin0416

Best replies of 2012 on waygook!

Started by jackdaniels

Do you count down the days / weeks?

Started by Yu_Bumsuk

If your coteacher is out sick...

Started by timmahh


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