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left gas stove on all day

Started by jejusiii

IS THIS LOGICAL? - Budget too low to hire more qualified teacher

Started by thepeoplestrust

looking for some advice!

Started by deyeana

Electronic Translators!

Started by Digitalsamurai

Story through Music + Pictures or sans the Music

Started by Jrong

What's your English department called?

Started by geoffteacher

Transfer after 6 months

Started by Kjohner

Is your school one of the many that aren't getting funding for NETs anymore?

Started by gookway

Help with Tussa Skateshop location

Started by Savre

Is it offensive to say to a Korean, "Wow, your English is really good!"

Started by cadwg

Wanting English language Adult Tae Kwon Do instruction near Yangju

Started by the_Draken

Can I help my Korean teacher get to Montreal?

Started by mellow-d

Can everyone please stop coughing on me?

Started by Horus

Waygook Redditors!

Started by jaybird

Computer Repairs in Daegu?

Started by grooty

Going to the doctor

Started by delux

looking for foreigners in Masan

Started by mooninkorea


Started by alwaysgood

Korean Parents. Just STOP IT.

Started by tardigrade

Tekken Tag Tournament 2 loketest

Started by Chuckthebear

Anybody know of a Korean site selling boats?

Started by tardigrade

Hair salons in Gwangju

Started by Ilikebunny

Forever21.com in Korea

Started by Nemo

Does anyone know where I can go to dance to kpop music at a club???:D

Started by marysmith515

Any chess players is Taean/Seosan

Started by jaybird

Where is the www.whypaymore.co.kr actual office in Seoul?

Started by kiwikimchi

Ever had a kid get sick in class?

Started by ajn

Jammed and swollen finger

Started by piyopayo

University LEC vs. Public High School

Started by andygarth

Gyeonggi EPIK positions

Started by Gomdori

Forgot my phone on the bus

Started by jwoon

Any breaks/d&b fans?

Started by BrummieTand

Calling all fellow TaLK Scholars (Aug 2011)!

Started by KiwiInKorea

Trump announces he will not run for president!

Started by jackdaniels

HELP!!! My clothes turn into beef jerky!

Started by nonchalantninja

Classroom plank

Started by skofeteacher

Some thoughts and an apology.

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

Donation Centers in Ulsan?

Started by strangeconceits

Job ads and other changes

Started by Brit_1

Beer gardens in Daegu???

Started by daniellesykes86


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