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CCTV in your school?

Started by gookway

Itaewon Free Health Clinic - Privacy Concerns

Started by Guizot

Hockey Night in Korea!

Started by saulnier13

Netbook Repairs

Started by edv666

How do I remove glue from my window?

Started by Cereal

What is it like ordering food delivery in Korea over the phone?

Started by Say what?!

Any bookstores that sell English language books in Busan?

Started by Say what?!


Started by Waygookingumisi

Cattery's in korea

Started by Waygookingumisi

maybe it's a British thing....

Started by tardigrade

I you were making 50 or 60k/hour, how many classes would you teach a week?

Started by GEK

Calorie/Carb in Soju, Makkoli and Korean Beer?

Started by Corrdawg

Interesting Movies to Show in Class - to stimulate conversation

Started by cgennoe

Bomb game for entire class period?

Started by lizard

Dummy anti-aircraft guns used to defend Seoul.

Started by jackdaniels


Started by bretzlz86

Help me decide where to teach

Started by KadinG

Buy styrofoam balls, or other colorable balls in Korea

Started by bencrow

Low Level Vocational High School Lesson Ideas

Started by tommypatt


Started by llolee

Any one out there with an F2 visa and working for EPIK or GEPIK????

Started by baboo74

KEB questions/issues

Started by sunshinefiasco

What annoying annoyance annoys your annoying annoyers to annoyance?

Started by nonchalantninja

Teaching at a small school is more difficult than at a large school. Discuss

Started by Sprite06

Need to fine a translation office in Ulsan/Busan

Started by jax7945


Started by sheila

FLIGHT TO ATLANTA, GA - when do prices change?

Started by smithdoi

GRE in Seoul?

Started by Mountiandrue

What annoys you when talking to Koreans?

Started by tardigrade

What's the best luck you've ever had?

Started by NMonk

American and British English - let's work together!!

Started by eemneedah


Started by digiboy84

Police Block on www.guardian.co.uk ?!

Started by SUTIIVE

Should I stay in the sticks, or move to a larger town/small city and commute?

Started by rorio82

well..thanks for making things really awkward...

Started by deyeana

Why are electronics expensive in Korea?

Started by SUTIIVE

Student's in desperate need of glasses.

Started by sleepyinseoul

Classy, sophisticated venues to host birthday party's at?

Started by The.it.girl

Bus Options from Busan to Seoul?

Started by annateacher5

Help with grade 3 afterschool class

Started by mich


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