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Useless/Random Thought: Sometimes I Feel Like a Mercenary...

Started by JamericanTeacher

studying to obtain teaching certification in Australia/ Any Australian Teachers

Started by boanerges

Jello (gelatin) Korean equivalent?

Started by AC_in_Korea

Does a sideways middle finger actually mean something in Korean sign language?

Started by Yu_Bumsuk

Supermario bomb game- Fun game or does it cause ww3?

Started by Waygookingumisi

Interested in starting a photography club?

Started by jaybird

My 1st visit to Yongsan Electronics Area (GAMERS)

Started by Savre

Help with my phone?? Please!

Started by mich

Need ideas for a housewarming for my coteachers

Started by Amerz100

30 hour fairy tale lesson

Started by Teachie

What's SMOE's email address?

Started by usernamechosen

vacation dates

Started by isitadream

Exporting / Ebaying Korean stuff abroad?

Started by DevilMogun

F-3 Visa and ARC question

Started by Cereal

Any pool/billiards players here?

Started by KINwithaG

New English Room - Need ideas

Started by aldritg

Anyone know a good Massage therapist or Sports Massage Clinic in Busan?

Started by jchoi911

Hospital or elsewhere?

Started by DejaVu

Ladies: gyno in Ansan?

Started by TeePee

Co-ed softball/baseball teams in Incheon area

Started by lido5992

In need of an English speaking therapist in Daegu.

Started by helloana

Dill Pickles

Started by Koter

Ideas for creative homework assignments?

Started by Jarulian

What cool/amazing stuff have you bought or wanted to buy here?

Started by elle*

Transfer to Seoul?

Started by pigeon100

Is red pepper and cayenne pepper the same thing?

Started by elle*

Does kimchi help one poo?

Started by twak24

Any music lesson ideas for a parent's class?

Started by roblaw

CCTV in your school?

Started by gookway

Itaewon Free Health Clinic - Privacy Concerns

Started by Guizot

Hockey Night in Korea!

Started by saulnier13

Netbook Repairs

Started by edv666

How do I remove glue from my window?

Started by Cereal

What is it like ordering food delivery in Korea over the phone?

Started by Say what?!

Any bookstores that sell English language books in Busan?

Started by Say what?!


Started by Waygookingumisi

Cattery's in korea

Started by Waygookingumisi

maybe it's a British thing....

Started by tardigrade

I you were making 50 or 60k/hour, how many classes would you teach a week?

Started by GEK

Calorie/Carb in Soju, Makkoli and Korean Beer?

Started by Corrdawg


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