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Closing date for EPIK

Started by curds

After school lessons always fall apart...

Started by Bump

Larger sized condoms - where can I get them?

Started by KimKeisung

Water polo ball...

Started by n00b

Gyeongbuk Travel Advice

Started by tommypatt

Deskwarmers, Give Me Your Jobs!

Started by DejaVu

BOSE Headphones in Korea (where to buy)

Started by Ben

Does anybody know how/where I could rent a manual car from?

Started by matieu

grad school in korea

Started by pigeon100

Difficult KT

Started by Waygookingumisi

Do you guys have any fillings?

Started by tinopener

I want a cheap bicycle!! Can you help me?

Started by theMan

Do you ever deal with co-teachers blasting their music in the office?

Started by Bump

Does it ever get tiring not talking for long stretches of time at work?

Started by Bump


Started by up_do

Ajumma Dance Party

Started by lizard

Cycling Etiquette

Started by demizach

How to buy water online?

Started by kiwikimchi

Import/Export business ideas?? What does Korea have that is unique or cheap??

Started by DonWest

Health Coaching!

Started by Busan33

Things to do in Namhae

Started by chedder

What's your nationality?

Started by jdb1983

Foreigners as friend....

Started by hasan_kool

Anyone play games in Gyeongju?

Started by keith

Surgical repair of my ear. Help?

Started by saralox

A good tin opener

Started by tinopener

Nice Hikes in Korea

Started by LL

What constitutes a good Powerpoint game?

Started by Daejeon

English Speaking Taekwondo class or any martial art in Ulsan

Started by edv666

I need voices for an animation. Please help!

Started by bisp13

What food do you always have in the fridge or cupboard?

Started by jackdaniels

Kickstart: Documentary on Korean Education

Started by Harry Yeong

You show me your's and I'll show you mine (Stdnt appraisal help needed)


Whale Watching

Started by KevinTeacher84

Classroom Cleaning - how much do you do?

Started by letunstall@gmail.com

Recommend me a good reality tv show with tons of episodes


My time in a Korean jail

Started by banc

One for the black licorice lovers

Started by teecha

Table-top Gaming Store?

Started by Gillod

National English Proficiency Test (NEPT)

Started by CunningLinguist


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