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E2 Renewal: What is the "sponsorship certificate"?

Started by SpaceRook

Student loan and British passport renewal- help!

Started by ricky_wwkk

Someone is trying to shut down Super Color Super shows

Started by Gillod

Nestlé’s new Pure Life Bottled Water contains tap water!!

Started by Harpeau

What I love about my School

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

Foreign Cell Phones using Korean networks??

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

Teaching at a public school... Or am I?

Started by Yahowho

Culture Tips: The culture of exclamation

Started by Brian

Authoritarian Co-teacher

Started by cosmogony

Rants and Raves

Started by Mlatte

Recruiter Job Posting 'Bait-n-Switch?'

Started by JamericanTeacher

Cross fit in Ulsan?

Started by Snookie980

I wish my kids could close a door!

Started by JanLodewyk

Write a story (One sentence at a time)

Started by ChickenLegsMcGee

Story behind the thread: Why ESL teachers in Korea are the worst.

Started by zmffhdl

Mail from overseas

Started by simon_capetown

Bathroom scale

Started by absurdjoy

KT gives out work for holidays

Started by Jamface

Pohang to Incheon Airport: Best Way

Started by fmlaugust

Any suggestions for what chapter books are good for younger students?

Started by cowboy7

Were you shamed into voting?

Started by Jrong

Looking to buy a good backpack

Started by MikeKimchiTeacher467

Jobs to retrain for after ESL?

Started by weigookin74

Life lessons learned.

Started by Cyanea

Your English going down the toilet?

Started by Gokou724

Avengers: Infinity War (WARNING: SPOILERS)

Started by Chinguetti

Going to Jeju?

Started by mrsamandab

How do you describe your job?

Started by ajr30

Teacher runs into glass wall, destroys it

Started by Yu_Bumsuk

Beginning to feel a little doomed...

Started by sunshinefiasco

What's your English department called?

Started by geoffteacher

Korea or Travelling?

Started by Happyhan

How many of your students' names can you remember?

Started by jammyb

English Alphabet With Hangul Signage

Started by kts.vun

what's 1 thing that makes you love/like teaching? I'll start

Started by hamburglar

New but EMPTY classroom (it has desks, tables, computer, monitor)

Started by smithdoi

Just emotionally taxing...

Started by Say what?!

My Korean Adjussi Stalker

Started by GEK

Elf Yourself in the classroom

Started by rainesbaines

I love her, She loves me, but I don't fit her society. Lord have mercy on a boy

Started by Socrates2080


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