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Anyone living in Guui, Konkuk Univ, or Gangbeon?

Started by cloud6

English Words to Ban

Started by jdb1983

chicken pox

Started by taeyang

Is it possible to upgrade your smartphone early in your 2 year contract?

Started by Bump

Public School Contract Completion bonuses?

Started by ramen209

Cycling fans: Watching the Tour de Suisse online for free - HELP?!

Started by raka_dier

Please vote! It'll only take 5 seconds...

Started by timidkoreanboy

Being made fun of by students

Started by xiloa360

Sending international fax from Seoul

Started by mareena

Are real darts banned in Korea?

Started by tardigrade

Parents visiting me in Korea

Started by lacuni

...But what have you learned?

Started by Donnacha

Managing class with a coteacher

Started by cinamon

Musicians wanted

Started by rabbitgti1983

For those not married to Korean: F2 points, F2-99, F5-A

Started by naturegirl321

KIIP learning Korean programme?

Started by naturegirl321

Spider Man Cartoon Maker

Started by askgabrielteacher

non-teaching employment

Started by aldritg

Jimjibang near Gangnam???

Started by abneyrangers

Anyone ever met a North Korean?

Started by bigal

Key money and rent upfront for a year, how much do I get back?

Started by southernman

Strange happening at a dept store--could my identity be stolen?

Started by WTEChesser

Do they sell dehumidifiers here?

Started by Say what?!

My school want the keys to my apartment - I still have 2 months to go!

Started by sophos

GAA in Busan!!

Started by Yahowho

Things your students do that make you feel like a good teacher.

Started by firebreaker

Singok Elementry Suwon

Started by Tonga007

Nintendo Wii owners...

Started by ovid

Police check for Korean teachers...

Started by laizamaria

South Korean PSN is back up!!!

Started by Savre

What I love about my School

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

what would you say is the deepest desire of the human heart

Started by boanerges

Teaching online through SKYPE

Started by brent1919

Getting Your Tax Money Back

Started by kawaiikitty

Apostiled Diploma Question

Started by matthewjnunez

Coming to school with a hangover is unprofessional.

Started by Chocolate Starfish

Everland vs Lotte World

Started by elleutah

Chuseok Dates

Started by tommypatt

What cheap items have you found in Korea and where?

Started by elle*

Doctor's Notes

Started by MelKorea


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