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The Gays Have Infiltrated Our Video Games

Started by derbear86

Grammar Gurus, Help Please?!?

Started by JamericanTeacher

Why do students think I'm so much older than I am?

Started by lillellis

I have a great building manager!

Started by Morticae

present for co-teacher

Started by samplerplatter

Possible U.S.A. government shutdown

Started by Engrish

Dramacrazy blocked?!

Started by peasgoodnonsuch

leaving without paying for phone.

Started by Taniwha

How many teachers do you share an office with? What's the environment like?

Started by Bump

Crazy English

Started by kneukels

Curtains (or alternative) for Sleep Deprivation

Started by IcyAaron

Animal Shelter Volunteer Work in Seoul

Started by kimikox16

Documentary on Chinese Pollution Causes Stir

Started by Thomas Mc

Daily limit on withdrawing money?

Started by e9s

Free On-line Traning Classes

Started by amandaz

Off Shoot: "Art is dead"?

Started by loswillyams

Political Compass

Started by Frozencat99

How much do kpop songwriters get paid?

Started by L I

World value survey about national pride

Started by Redondo

th hellish torture of running out the clock

Started by waldron1983

Where can I buy decent bike / cycle???

Started by smith00

Student suspended for stopping a knife-wielding bully

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

Contract Ends in April, so I Have to Wait Until August to Work Again.

Started by jaysoon17

What is the ratio of Korean Teachers using Waygook to Non Korean Teachers

Started by bawaugh

Is this the first generation that's dumber than the previous?

Started by tylerthegloob

Trump announces he will not run for president!

Started by jackdaniels

Paint balling

Started by mojo_mania

Ebola in the USA-Korean effects? (No Texan EPIKers?)

Started by Appolgurl

Will rice cake survive a 24+ hour plane trip?

Started by SpaceRook

Communication Between Genders

Started by JVPrice

What Christmas songs do Koreans know?

Started by kiraaso

Lost ARC and going on vacation

Started by potblackettle

What does the fox say?

Started by Pecan

Botox in Korea?

Started by cloud6

Korean Zombie Survival Guide

Started by loswillyams

England fans clash with police ahead of Euro 2016

Started by Kliuchevskoi

Just Curious. Why do you want to teach in Korea??

Started by alove236

April Fools

Started by iamrhart

your knowledge of K-Pop in Europe?! enlighten me!

Started by sbelleball

Deskwarming Playlist

Started by jaybird


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