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Where to get a watch repaired in Seoul?

Started by Ectofuego


Started by michaelhasanalias

Strangest foods you've eaten overseas

Started by KevinTeacher84

Co-teacher stealing...what should I do?

Started by jaysoon17

Window/aircon/heater wars....

Started by weirdgirlinkorea

Important: Pension repayment for UK and Korean citizens!!!

Started by korn25

Obtaining an F-4 Visa

Started by heri0n

Absurd requests from Korean Parents?

Started by ktkates87

I'm exhausted.


Adapter needed for Korean electronics for use in States/Australia

Started by kimc0486

Guitar Fix it shop

Started by Cereal

What happened to the thread about the cellphones????

Started by Horus

Trustworthy jeweler for repair and rhodium?

Started by teacherjenni

Getting really tired of the whole "cell phone culture" thing.

Started by Horus

Advanced grade 5-6 after school book needed

Started by Soupmaster

Dave's ESL forums DOWN

Started by ISangHae


Started by samuelmp

Annoying students...how do you ignore them?

Started by Bump

Blocking SPAM text messages

Started by yeti08

Possible Fraud re: National Assessment of Educational Achievement (국가수준학업성취도평가)

Started by KLM

Need help ordering computer online delivery to Philippines

Started by VizionMC

Schools sending money to home bank

Started by teach1

How can I get paid for editing work AFTER I leave Korea?

Started by fakeplastiktree

waygookers, what is the record for staying at the same school?

Started by grajoker

Just because you have a nice car...

Started by SMOE NSET

Do you know any orphanages in Seoul?

Started by bmym80

ESL Research Question

Started by rjhisle1973

Wifi help needed

Started by Mr Oh Eu Didn't

Visa's etc.

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

Korean Police Check

Started by jenna740

Is it possible to simultaneously apply to EPIK, GEPIK and SMOE?

Started by dadaclonefly

Marriage Record?

Started by airrazr1986

waygook upgrade = final nail in the coffin for Dave's cafe......:)

Started by unknownx

Wanna help my Korean Co-teacher by filling in a survey regarding co-teaching?

Started by skofeteacher

Where can I get a massage in Daegu - for back pain???

Started by raka_dier

Art & painting camp

Started by projectgenesis

Recently Updated Topics is a lie.

Started by DejaVu

Construction is ruining my life

Started by Jessica G

Telex transfer / wire transfer

Started by minamteacher

Waygook vs "Others" - please take a quick poll

Started by checkraisingkorea


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