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Lost luggage horror stories...

Started by smurphy1189

Muslim councillor refuses to shake British woman's hand

Started by pigeonfart

leaving without paying for phone.

Started by Taniwha

Please vote! It'll only take 5 seconds...

Started by timidkoreanboy

"No muslims" says Slovakia

Started by Kliuchevskoi

Colonic in Korea

Started by kgutzmore

What unique korean toys should I bring home to my niece and nephew?

Started by mitsukaikasei

Any experience getting an online teachers degree?

Started by kimchi4me

Fair or foul

Started by mrjinglescf

when does the new semester start for your school?

Started by elprofesor

Mass extinction

Started by SanderB

Have you ever dealt with really nosy/rude co-workers at your school?

Started by Say what?!

Housing Budget - What would you get?

Started by Yahowho

Purchasing a buy to let in the UK

Started by Jharris

Cycling Etiquette

Started by demizach

do you like science?

Started by mjbc99

Any fine art majors? What are your plans after Korea?

Started by Joshua1211

Radioactive Wasps!!!

Started by Wintermute

What am I supposed to be doing?

Started by reversengineer

What's the best luck you've ever had?

Started by NMonk

Police Block on www.guardian.co.uk ?!

Started by SUTIIVE


Started by boeta777

Academic Ranking of World Universities

Started by Wintermute

Classroom plank

Started by skofeteacher

If you had complete control over what you could teach...

Started by L I

grade 2 student tried to bribe me with 700 won...what does it mean?

Started by cornflakes

Society of customer service

Started by firebreaker

Need advice- go on school trip or stay home?

Started by BreatheAdventure

Ebay orders to Korea

Started by Mr Oh Eu Didn't

Hospital requires passport

Started by GEK

Skipping a deskwarming day...

Started by ACofOntario

jailbreak ihpone 4

Started by jkim7609

What's your favourite viral video?

Started by gclancy

Online post grad - IT - Europe

Started by thejesusman

Has anyone seen my Pop Tarts?

Started by Amandada6262000

What Jobs Will Technology Replace in the Future?

Started by jaysoon17

Withdrawing money from American bank account...

Started by Say what?!


Started by jammyb

Should you try to force conversations?

Started by Say what?!

Reporting an Illegal Hagwon

Started by English Mike


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