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Advice for new teacher.

Started by jesusboat

What to do on the weekends...

Started by jimbofoster

Why do korean ads on youtube raise the volume so damn high?

Started by cornflakes

Advice on a new position (outside Korea)

Started by gtrain83

Changing careers/Going to one’s home county or another country

Started by hippo

Where can we watch the Olympics in English?

Started by bsweet

My Korean friend watches US documentaries on LA race riots and "13th"...

Started by bb459

Buying a House Right After Finishing University

Started by SPQR

sending postcards

Started by Ajax

What would you change about yourself? What would you keep?

Started by 한소로

Summer is here. So are the 수박. Do you spit or swallow?

Started by ajr30

I feel sooooooooo bad and ashamed at downloading.

Started by SPQR

Masters degree vs teaching certificate

Started by gtrain83

Interesting article about English and the Philippines

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

Is this normal?

Started by JABU NXAU

Safe to give your bank account # to anyone in Korea?

Started by wazure

Missed Connections

Started by donovan

New textbook dialogue

Started by honeymooners

A-Z Compound Nouns Powerpoint

Started by Mlatte

Quick Survey for Foreign Teachers

Started by mtaylor

Garnished Wages?

Started by OogaBooga

How much money do you waste/have wasted?

Started by gookway

girl scout cookies.

Started by ehmaeearwhy

If I'm already a state certified ESL teacher, is a CELTA redundant?

Started by andres86

Co teacher trouble.. help me please!

Started by ADB123

Open Class

Started by hoodslang

Is there a UK based recruiter.

Started by tails

ESL schools in USA.

Started by mmarion

Pacquiao vs. Marquez

Started by busanman

ATTN: punk/hard-core/experimental bands

Started by mollybloom

Do we notice the compliments that our fellow co-teachers make??

Started by Napkins11

The name for every European country in Mandarin, Korean and Japanese.

Started by Taal

Electronic Translators!

Started by Digitalsamurai

Language Exchange

Started by carlyjohnson

English Practice SAT test

Started by AlexMokpo


Started by #basedcowboyshirt

Buying concert tickets

Started by TeePee

Robbing a bank.

Started by Wintermute

"Naked in Korea" New book from a former EPIK/GEPIK Teacher ($2.99)

Started by Smchan00

How an industry helps Chinese students cheat their way through U.S. colleges

Started by CDW


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