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playstation 4 pre-order fail.. amazon sucks

Started by clavicus

Do you ever see attractive NETs?

Started by Bump

Question: Today is your last day of work, what do you do?

Started by KimDuHan

Korean song at a Noorebang???

Started by Jjangki!!!

I don't get along with other foreigners...

Started by incognito84

Window/aircon/heater wars....

Started by weirdgirlinkorea

Obtaining an F-4 Visa

Started by heri0n

A quick grammar question

Started by Alex Hoy


Started by Amandada6262000

Newbie in Need of Help!!!

Started by NeoCelt

Is there a GEPIK orientation for people who are new or new to their school?

Started by Andrea152

Canada Day

Started by glitterstarbeau

Learning English Grammar (TEFL course?????? or another way)

Started by Juno106

Ever Wrote for Your School's Yearly Magazine?

Started by jaysoon17

Permanent recidence after 5 years

Started by 0mnslnd

Autism and Special Education in South Korea

Started by ucla_all_the_way

An open apology to Whom it May Concern

Started by AvecPommesFrites

Strange things you see

Started by bosun

Good jokes easily understood by advanced non native speakers...

Started by weirdgirlinkorea

Samsung expat insurance literally has the worst customer service

Started by Redondo

Police check for Korean teachers...

Started by laizamaria

UK passport renewal + E2 visa

Started by pinklemur

F2 Visa question

Started by engbrand

Modern science gone to heck?

Started by hangook77

US unemployment at lowest level since 2008

Started by L I

Ode to the waygook losers.

Started by jejujohn77

Student loans in general.

Started by weigookin74

Korea Halloween Prank...

Started by Korea13

Repaying Loans in the Home Country

Started by Toadslop

Teacher discount card

Started by gtrain83

Funny writing test and essay mistakes

Started by peasgoodnonsuch

Cheapest flights to the UK from Incheon?

Started by Rusty Brown

Online masters in computer programming

Started by rufus947

Emma Watson Sends Christmas Wishes in Korean

Started by Schellib39


Started by JNM

weird text message this morning

Started by jamey26

Samsung to Increase Their Hiring of Foreigners

Started by jaysoon17

well..thanks for making things really awkward...

Started by deyeana

Crazy English

Started by kneukels

Why is my salary different from month to month lately???

Started by happyface


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