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Why do korean ads on youtube raise the volume so damn high?

Started by cornflakes

Eyeglass prescriptions in Korea

Started by ilikekimchi

Speech Contest

Started by Jjangki!!!

Safari - The way to go...

Started by Arsalan


Started by #basedcowboyshirt

Any Korean-American, Korean-Canadian, or Korean-wherever native teachers here?

Started by expertamateur

What's the best place in the world (for Americans) to start an English Academy?

Started by Jrong

Safe to give your bank account # to anyone in Korea?

Started by wazure

After school lessons always fall apart...

Started by Bump

Leaving Korea

Started by Teachie

If US withdraws from Korea - what then?

Started by carolina2korea

JimJilBang in Anyang/Beomgye/Pyeongchon

Started by ejmclaine

'My personal journey to the UK'

Started by Rusty Brown

Chinese are the baby-eaters! ... ?

Started by Jrong

Nice Hikes in Korea

Started by LL

Homestay/ Study Abroad business

Started by H man

Daegu bank ATM help

Started by gookie

grade 2 student tried to bribe me with 700 won...what does it mean?

Started by cornflakes

sending postcards

Started by Ajax

Language Exchange

Started by carlyjohnson

someone gave out my phone number

Started by desert_sugi

Education Office blocking all E-mail accounts

Started by Yur_Father

Bilingual Korean to English Books or vice versa with Audio in Korean?

Started by Mlatte

Have I left it too late

Started by Rosie_Swimmer

Co teacher trouble.. help me please!

Started by ADB123

Window/aircon/heater wars....

Started by weirdgirlinkorea

Who would you LEAST want to fight?

Started by JNM

Open Class

Started by hoodslang

Korean Co-Worker Culture

Started by seakelp2000

Why is my salary different from month to month lately???

Started by happyface

New textbook dialogue

Started by honeymooners

Current events service. Does anyone else enjoy CNN as much as I do?

Started by marshmellow man

Interesting article about English and the Philippines

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

Changing Housing as part of contract renewal?

Started by gto377

Strength Training and Fitness: What do you do?

Started by stotes

How can I type in Korean on an American made computer?

Started by L I

English Practice SAT test

Started by AlexMokpo

Teacher procrastinates, feels very disrespectful to me. what would u do?

Started by wazure

Robbing a bank.

Started by Wintermute

Korean American Dies a Grisly, Controversial Death in NYC Subway

Started by Lakewood


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