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Why does everyone go to Korea/Asia when their lives failed at home?

Started by cornflakes

Like teaching Korea and want to escape from hagwons... what to do?

Started by incognito84

super 15 torrent site

Started by Hongsam

KTX tickets, first 2 digits of credit card password?

Started by luciddreamer

Is it Possible to Use Your Smartphone With a Pre-paid Card in the States?

Started by jaysoon17


Started by irishdanny

Problems with Gas cooker.

Started by UKsimon

Stuff my friends say on skype....

Started by madison79

Saving money?

Started by ovid

The biggest mistake I ever made was to "upgrade" from a hagwon to a school

Started by freckleswin

Videos that inspire your language learning

Started by L I

For those who need help with getting an iPhone, cell phone, or internet.

Started by elzoog

a place to get a picture taken in Itaewon??

Started by smeagol134

Edible souvenirs: Issues with customs?

Started by Periwinkle

That sad part of the year comes again *sighs*

Started by calvin0416


Started by bobrocket

Happiness Vs Money

Started by freckleswin

Best place to get a physical/drug test around Yongsan area?

Started by smeagol134

Buffets in Deagu

Started by sheikhnguyen

Test Proctor in Seoul?

Started by dereklee003

Korean Bank Card

Started by 2Aslan78

Creative guitar techniques

Started by Jrong

Criminal Background check services

Started by ovid

Did you notice during graduation...

Started by cornflakes

anybody ever have wire transfers from Korea go missing? *resolved!!*

Started by cassimira

Why do korean ads on youtube raise the volume so damn high?

Started by cornflakes

With my credentials, what job could I get?

Started by L I

Middle School and High School - The difference?

Started by philontour

Are there Korean government benefits for foreign kids?

Started by ytuque

Afterschool jobs

Started by peach26

Going to the Pension Office

Started by GregSandford

Chinese native speakers on the way?

Started by Andyroo

3 years in Korea... Today is my last day. (Final Thoughts)

Started by bigboy

Have the requirements to be considered a native speaker changed?

Started by ytuque

Success with BEC Vantage Audio Files

Started by peasgoodnonsuch

Korean Import Duties

Started by koreanexperience

btjunkie is dead

Started by Cereal

Are British teachers seen as less jemi soyo?


Musicians - Where to buy recording gear?

Started by vinny

NHIP (National Health Insurance Plan) - what does it look like?

Started by Freeto


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