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Easiest to understand English speaking accent?

Started by BrandoComando

Koreans worry about possible immigrant riots

Started by confusedsafferinkorea

Getting Revenge...

Started by English Mike

Let's talk suits

Started by gtrain83

Weird encounter of the stalking vigilante variety

Started by jenmur

Were you allowed to sleep in class?

Started by NMonk

Gordon Ramsay endorses... what?

Started by cjszk

Outrageous demands from your school

Started by atmosphere

waygook upgrade = final nail in the coffin for Dave's cafe......:)

Started by unknownx

What is your new year resolution

Started by money55

EPIK - what do our contracts say about co-teachers who call in sick?

Started by robotco

Video: What did the original [American] colonists sound like?

Started by oatmealkooky

Oscar Pistorius murder trial.

Started by raysmith

Quitting, pension refund? Negotiating NOT paying (all) flight money?

Started by tikomg

China's one-child policy slogans are disgusting.

Started by jackdaniels

Leaving on a jet plane... with kimchi?

Started by DMZ

Where to buy foreign currency?

Started by DMZ

SMOE high school teachers being forced to move to elementary or middle schools

Started by richard_lloyd

Middle School Reward System

Started by mrsamandab

A place for ideological conflicts

Started by englishrose

Hey Elementary ESL teachers. It's only a matter of time...

Started by Jrong

Apple store, South Korea

Started by Jessica

boys poking one anothers privates with objects???

Started by stronzata

FedEx charged me $230 to ship a used laptop from the US to Korea. WHY???

Started by wazure

Racism Perspective

Started by Denevius

Gift for my 60-year old father

Started by gifappeltjie

Do white guys like Asian girls?

Started by simw90


Started by DutchDoll1988

I lost my wallet in a small town and thought someone would have turned it in.

Started by Mlatte

I'm seriously attracted to one of the teachers at school and....

Started by NZ4Life

What would you name a Korean Classroom?

Started by Yu_Bumsuk

Where Do Broken Hearts Go? RIP Whitney.

Started by jackdaniels

Why not follow Scandinavian/Dutch/German approach to learning English?

Started by derekc

Dong Chim Stories/Punishment

Started by 배비곳밖

ATTN: Wake up, and question our current human experience

Started by mirokii

My English is better than your Korean

Started by frannas85

Is There a Big War Coming?

Started by cornflakes

Deskwarmers, Give Me Your Jobs!

Started by DejaVu

Some thoughts as I near the end of my first contract.

Started by Cereal

Side chicks. I have questions. Should I have one?

Started by defenderoftherealm


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