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retirement plan for the U.S. while living abroad

Started by minoKo

K-Youtuber Glenn Gogo deported from Korea for filming his students kissing?

Started by MintKiss

Problem with a student and I need advice

Started by mintygreen

ATTN: Wake up, and question our current human experience

Started by mirokii

Finland to stop teaching individual subjects

Started by mirokii

Why are Asian women "SEXY" but NOT Asian men?

Started by misfit

Turned out bad quickly

Started by misfit

Traveller's Cheques

Started by mishabee

Philly Slang - Ideas?

Started by Mishka

"On The border" Mexican food

Started by mishy

What is the protocol here?

Started by Miss S

Help with my thesis

Started by missabus

Teaching english in south korea questionnaire dnt ignore important research!!!!!

Started by missbb24

dissertation research help

Started by missbb24


Started by misskris

Ezekiel or other non-wheat bread?

Started by misskris

international grocery in gangnam..woops

Started by missnikkisue

international grocery in gangnam

Started by missnikkisue

substitute teacher wanted

Started by missnikkisue

Filing FAFSA after working in Korea

Started by misspigeon

Getting an iphone through KT

Started by miss_cho

Graduation and new student orientation

Started by misty

The German Empire just before WWI

Started by Mithridates

What unique korean toys should I bring home to my niece and nephew?

Started by mitsukaikasei

Help! Role-play nightmare!

Started by Mitzy

do you like science?

Started by mjbc99

United States condemned for torture

Started by mjc08

Has anyone shipped a laptop from the US?

Started by MJHanson

Korean Version of Waygook?

Started by ml

Rants and Raves

Started by Mlatte

A-Z Compound Nouns Powerpoint

Started by Mlatte

Spanish speaking husband coming for 90 days to Korea and wants to volunteer

Started by Mlatte

A-Z Tongue Twisters

Started by Mlatte

Advice Column PowerPoint ****Revised****

Started by Mlatte

I lost my wallet in a small town and thought someone would have turned it in.

Started by Mlatte

How did you meet?

Started by Mlatte

American Sign Language Basic Definition and Alphabet PPT

Started by Mlatte

Bilingual Korean to English Books or vice versa with Audio in Korean?

Started by Mlatte

Games for the Wiggly Worms

Started by Mlatte

I feel that I don't have any chances to find work for several reasons!

Started by Mlatte


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