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What did you do for April Fool's Day?

Started by climber

Driving in Korea

Started by calvin0416

Sending packages to korea from the USA

Started by nophone

If Canada Post goes on strike, what will happen to packages sent from Korea?

Started by zachmokpo

Any sports people in Suncheon?

Started by tyguy11

Emojis are words?

Started by GotMyTowel

Any fine art majors? What are your plans after Korea?

Started by Joshua1211


Started by joseph921

Why do foreigners smell????

Started by ESLTurtle

U.S. citizens... how long did you have to wait for your pension money to come in

Started by mikecho249

Where can I buy an IATA-approved kennel/crate in Korea?

Started by wazure

Jazz English textbook - Daegu. HELP!

Started by raka_dier

Shinhan Love Card

Started by absurdjoy

A beginners guide to teaching English in elementary schools

Started by markburman82

Using Google Chrome and want your searches to be in English?

Started by randarchy

GEPIK Orientation reactions. (Elementary school edition)

Started by Gunpojohnny

Baseball rules

Started by jimmyjamison

To crate things home

Started by Lana

Korean National Police Certificate

Started by evams

Isn't tomorrow (May 2nd) a holiday?

Started by Aristocrat

Does anyone play Online Poker at their desks?

Started by mikecho249


Started by BROOKEW

KORAIL points question

Started by Lever

epik: how many days are we entitled off during the summer?

Started by pjhow2000

I received a warning from "waygook.org"

Started by Thomas Mc

What's up Waygook?

Started by iamrhart


Started by GavL2011

Thus sayeth Confucius

Started by iamrhart

Tourism ESL and Business English

Started by drkhv7

Winter Vacation 2011

Started by red

Email scam? -> whoadu@mest.go.kr

Started by Jimmer

Is it worth switching apartments?

Started by cadwg

You show me your's and I'll show you mine (Stdnt appraisal help needed)


Is nature more important than nurture?

Started by CDW

I teach at a few schools

Started by ADB123

Visa end date

Started by Granth5185

Changing address on ARC

Started by calvin0416

Is there anyone who speak spanish?

Started by 2forim

International visa check cards-how do I get one?

Started by Waygookingumisi

Ever come in late for deskwarming?

Started by Bump


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