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Gym in Hopsongdong?

Started by azjgf

Are there Korean government benefits for foreign kids?

Started by ytuque

Getting married in Canada

Started by bebouchard

MAD TV K-Drama Sketch

Started by Amandada6262000

How Often Do You Visit Home?

Started by sojuadventurer

The difficulties of reconnecting with friends from many years ago

Started by Cyanea

Tofu Recipes and Cooking Advice!!

Started by sweetjane2011

Filing a complaint against a taxi

Started by jdniii

SNL takes a cute poke at Obama's immigration Executive Order

Started by GoCyclones

LOST ARC in Incheon

Started by Leear

NBA Playoffs :(

Started by Gunpojohnny


Started by alexteacher

where to buy hats (trilby, pork pie, fedora etc)

Started by wolve


Started by ucla_all_the_way

Apparently KPOP kills

Started by helloana

Last minute speeches

Started by Rina

What are the Majors for Your Students at Your Technical High School?

Started by rbirchtree

Bringing back money for funeral and again when I leave.

Started by ch1can3

Good websites for online courses just to learn something new

Started by amgoalng

american Football

Started by sleepyinseoul

MyUS.com (forwarding shipping website)

Started by LaChaca

Where can i buy a cheap cell phone?

Started by hayley00

Whale Watching

Started by KevinTeacher84

Toaster vs Toaster Oven confusion

Started by CellarDoor

Can anyone translate this - it looks hilarious!

Started by eemneedah


Started by Superstar

SMOE contact information

Started by Mountiandrue

English/ Chinese language exchange

Started by luoxinchen

Question about US Travel Visa (B2 Visa)

Started by DirtySexyMoney

Calling US Landlines on KT

Started by suntofu

Provided Furniture

Started by Korea101

Frozen Pipes

Started by EmMargaret

Road Hockey

Started by Mokpo Neal

Jinhae, Jeju and Seoul - Help Please!

Started by SA

Any chess players is Taean/Seosan

Started by jaybird

Waygook is a great website - but with one annoying flaw!

Started by Horus

You have ₩100m...

Started by sligo

Amazing Shirts

Started by b of nc

Second Health Check

Started by dillpickle

Worm Medicine

Started by Internal


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