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MOVED: Public school apartments

Started by JeremyC

MOVED: old coteacher: cant be friends anymore....possible scandal?

Started by JeremyC

MOVED: Just for fun...your idea of the perfect vacation

Started by JeremyC

MOVED: Love my Bialetti Brikka coffee maker!

Started by justanotherwaygook

filing taxes US citizens

Started by travis1983

MOVED: Why is Korea drafting all its real artists!?

Started by JeremyC

MOVED: funny phone calls you get in Korea

Started by JeremyC

MOVED: What Do You Think Will Happen in Korea, Massive Immigration or Unification?

Started by JeremyC

MOVED: Sitting on the Floor to Eat or Squatting for a Poop?

Started by JeremyC

MOVED: Has anyone worked in Jeju Island? What were your opinions of it?

Started by JeremyC

MOVED: Korean Confessional

Started by JeremyC

MOVED: English Speaking Robots Arrival

Started by JeremyC

MOVED: How much do you think you can save in 2 years in korea? (bonuses, pension etc)

Started by JeremyC

"Why Parents Need to Let Their Children Fail"

Started by AfroBurrito

Is Korea your stepping stone? FInal destination? Or a one time thing?

Started by travis1983

Instead of "Hi"

Started by jenglish

Like house music? Short documentary about South African house

Started by Hongsam

MOVED: On your Marks, Get the Coffee set up, Desk Warm!

Started by JeremyC

Any Stargate fans?

Started by Morticae

People without credit cards

Started by NYC_Gal 2.0

having a marriage while in korea?

Started by travis1983

Can 3D printers make food?

Started by Davidpgreen64

Who are the most annoying actors/actresses?

Started by yummy28

Thread for the Americanest Americans that ever Americaned

Started by Chadwickhhs

What famous person do you look like?

Started by 001bautista

Any other Ducks here? (University of Oregon)

Started by specter13

Korea again or Middle East.....in depth views?

Started by travis1983

MOVED: SKYPE!!! Can only add credit through Daesung Holdings...

Started by justanotherwaygook

MOVED: Stiffer Waygook Penalties?

Started by justanotherwaygook

Korean History Books

Started by blackxbuterfly

has anyone worked in China, Taiwan, or Japan and Korea?

Started by gothicgrim

Studying a Graduate Program in US or Canada (Masters)

Started by esuh90

MOVED: If a taxi driver tricks, or rips you off....

Started by justanotherwaygook


Started by forgetmyusername

MOVED: dating in Korea.. specificially western women and korean guys..curiousity

Started by justanotherwaygook

MOVED: "Why No White History Month, Morgan Freeman?" video/article

Started by justanotherwaygook

European Court of Justice: Convictions for File-Sharing Violate Human Rights

Started by Frozencat99

UK People - Tax returns by today?

Started by Darkeru

Question to North Americans, or anyone who has completed an MA online

Started by olonergan

A strange encounter with a kind of creepy lady

Started by alyssa.callahan


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